Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Be sure to vote — Ruby (Red) Tuesday —

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I'll admit that there isn't much red in this picture nor in the one below. Guess the 'Red Party' has blue signs in Texas.

This picture isn't Texas, it is Sorrento, Italy (link). The political signs and the motorscooters are about equal in number. I have a lot of unposted scooter pictures. Just a lot of them have girls riding, those motorscooters are very popular with the ladies in Italy.

[large picture] [extra large]

This is our polling place in Texas, it is our subdivision Sports Club. The lines at our poll won't be long although down in Houston one could be waiting in line for an hour or two.

We are going to throw some rascals out of office this year. Most of our primary action is in the Republican Party so I'll vote there. I like the Democrat running for Governor a lot, he has just stepped down as a very progressive mayor for the City of Houston. But he will win his primary election, he doesn't need any help from me. Next we will all have until November to decide on Red or Blue.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list
of other interesting RED finds today.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there

I am getting behind a little with the last week's comments.
If I didn't answer yours won't you please leave another and for sure, I PROMISE, I will answer this one. Of course I will try to return to everyone, just that those neglected from last week have first priority this week.

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Bill White seems like a good guy. Although I'm suspicious that he's actually Jerry Jeff Walker in a thin disguise.
I can see why the girls like these scooters. I would too. Not driving here in California, but just about anywhere else.

Have a terrific day. :)
Jim, nice Ruby Tuesday post. I must say though, other than Ruby Tuesday, I am BLUE all the way!
Thanks for playiing Ruby Tuesday. I really appreciate it! :)
I know nothing of Texas politics. I am pretty much still full of HAwaii politics and not caught up on what is happening here!
In Italy the campaign posters are plentiful, should people need to know when to vote.

In this country, some people need to be reminded why to vote. We have the franchise, so use it.

In 2010, we have concerns and should vote. Either way. The shame is that the electorate is often preoccupied, and we see the miserable turnout in mid-cycle elections. All need to vote...
I think it's a must to take photos of the rows of scooters in Italy, I've got a heap myself :).

Thanks for the link to your Ireland posts, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. This trip we've only got time for Dublin itself (and a possibly day trip to Howthe) but we'll for sure be back to see the rest of the country eventually. Until I saw your post I never realized the Blarney Stone was way up in the ramparts like that, I always assumed it was at the edge of a cliff or something.
I wonder if Italy has any limit to how many posters one candidate can put on that wall. WOW!

As far as politics in the US I am disgusted with them all right now.
Yes, we all need to voice our opinions at the voting booth. Is this going to be a "throw the bums out" kind of year? Midterms are fast approaching.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
thanks for the red reminder
I love the line of scooters
and the wall of the building too
Too bad we don't use scooters here. :)
Nice shot of them all lined up Jim. I really like that stone wall too.

I don't get to see my Granddaugher's as much as I'd like. My daughter sends me photos and videos that help.
You can see red. My Ruby Tuesday is much more mundane.
Love the scooter photo and how they are lined up:)
Happy RT
I think the person that wins an election (and not his helpers, mind you) should go around and collect all of the political signs.

RnPB: Ch 013 - Clean Up
That is awesome Jim! Happy Ruby Tuesday
Hey Jim... I heard you got more snow down ther than we did up here recently? I hope you remebered what that white stuff was? Yours is more than like gone by now... I've still got mine on the lwan from October! I hope all is well with you nad Mrs. Jim! ~ jb///
The scooters are nice to look at and comfortable in the narrow streets of Italy. Last time we were in Italy I saw 4 fatal road accidents with scooters involved. Ugly.
Gunnars says that Italy s the only place where men can ride a scooter and still look like a man. I tend to agree.
Scooters are femi.

American politics are worse to get hold of, than the intricate Italian one.
I've given up understanding.
From experience of family members, I'm convinced that you need a better health care policy.
People dying or getting homeless because of illness.
No good.
God bless you. God bless America.
That's my best wish.
From Felisol
here is my 45th unanswered comment, jim dear, you should be ashambed of yourself. going so long not answereing me
oh there is so a lot of ruby in the first picture mr.jim!
what about all of the back lights on those bikes!
you should of seen bernie's eyes light up when he saw those beauties[the motorcycles!]
happy belated ruby tuesday mr.jim...love terry

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