Tuesday, May 04, 2010

You go figure: what is Jim thinking is blue about these pictures? — MidWeek Blues — A quiz with answers

Cover my text and make your guess because I am going to tell my answers, right here on this page.

First, a little hint. It can't be Adi. She isn't blue. Blah blue.

Yes, her bed is blue. But that isn't my main thought.

Adi has caught my blue feelings. I still haven't gotten very far out of
my blogging blahs.

Two of my good friends are ailing, both pretty serious.

Our youngest grandchild is moving to London.

I don't feel like blogging or playing golf any more.

Now if that isn't feeling blue, then what is?

Now there is not one blue feeling portrayed here! So what is blue about this cute little girl?

No, it can't be KP. She looks very happy doesn't she!

She has had her bath and is waiting for Mimi (Mrs. Jim) to finish getting dressed. Then they will be going for a nice long ride to see some relatives in Louisiana.

We will say it is the brown dog's blue ears. Okay?

But KP could have been feeling blue because she tipped out of this cozy little perch. She stood up holding on to a side that was never meant to be a handhold. The whole boat tipped on it's side. KP thought that was fun but her Papa didn't. I put them back in real gentle like.

(Hint) Blue: blow, blew, has blown — That's the best I could come up with.

Chocolate birthday cakes are supposed to be happy. Especially when made by a child.

Trouble is this one had a blowout. Just like the NYC car bomber's car was supposed to go, it
blew out the side!

No one has come forth yet. Our very low caliber security forces don't hardly seem concerned. I figure the culprit will not be found.

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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did.
Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE, you don't have to write.

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well, I 'd say you are feeling blue aout KP's move. But I can't find the connection to blow, blew, has blown :(

- - hope you are doing fine, anyway! I am back to work since almost 2 weeks but only part time (4hrs so far and 6 hrs per day starting tomorrow) I have seldom felt so tired like the last 10 days :) - -
What an entertaining post. So sorry about all those blues....I know those blues sure can chase the blogging momentum away.

As far as your sweet little KP, yes the move is sad, but on the other hand (I really am trying to find a silver lining for you...) You now have a really good reason to visit Europe! Oh heck...you could even move there too. Find a little place in the English country side and post beautiful photos that make the rest of us drool.

Your little riddle has me puzzled. I will have to reread after my morning walk. I'm off to meet my walking partner now.
Forgot to mention that the Ajuga is not like a stinging nettle. What we call stinging nettles in this area have white flowers and are taller. I bumped into one about a week ago and it stung!
KP is moving to London? that would make me blue too
But it is a wonderful place to visit and you can Skype like Hope does with all her cousins in Greece

Hope does not want to crawl. She rolls over on her side and then just does this diva pose and then she grunts and complains

She loves to walk with someone holding her hands. Her Dad walked at 9 months so maybe she's ready to take off

I see KP likes to chew on anything, so does Hope

Adi looks comfy

I love this post Jim, it's like visiting old friends

Don't be blue - make sure to get out in the sun, it really helps
That's a lot to be blue about. I would be blue about KPs move too.

Have a terrific day Jim. Go play some golf. Just saying. Big hug. :)
stop eating cake and eat a banana with lots of potassium, a stalk or boat load full will almost give you your daily requirements>>i don't feel like blogging either, but because of poople like you i persevere
Baby KP is moving to London? Ah...gee.

I know about feeling blue myself. Maybe I need to take up golfing and you need to get out there and play some golf with your friends and hopefully that will boost us both back up!

So sorry about your ailing friends. I do hope they improve.

The cake looks good, but someone just couldn't wait could they? Haha!

Have a good rest of the week Jim!
Liked your blog...blogging
blahs, eh! Love...
I'm so sorry you are feeling blue. Maybe by the time I publish this you will already be feeling better. :)
great shots and love the commentary along with it all. the cake blow out is funny!!
I hope you and Adi find a reason to perk up soon. Your pending vacation in London (I'll bet you'll take one) is something to look forward to!
I'm sorry about your blues Jim! I can imagine you would be, but I hope you'll find a silver lining somewhere real soon!
I'll bet the culprit is laying on the blue bed.... Did you check ADI's mouth for chocolate?????

Sorry you are blue Jim... Sorry about your two friends that aren't doing well. I have a friend who is going through cancer right now and it doesn't look good... I'm still praying for her recovery... Kids grow up and move wherever they want... My middle daughter wants to take our grandkids and travel all over Texas teaching them home schooling... The do what they want and we have to support them... That doesn't mean it's fair....
And Mt St Helens blew out the side instead of straight out the top too. :-) Maybe it's a volcano cake!
I'm guessing that the cause for the cake looking like that is laying on a blue pillow over there on the floor... Yes, that critter that just had a bath and is going to visit relatives. (Hope she didn't get sick... chocolate is not the best thing for dogs.)
your dog sure looks blue! hope that things are a little less blue in the future!

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