Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bicycle for two — Ruby (Red) Tuesday

I have to confess, this bicycle might not be for two. We found it parked beside our hotel in Levanto, Italy (Link: Mrs. Jim in picture at Levanto). But it reminded me of the bike that my sister and I shared. It was a girl's bike, a pre-WWII Elgin, sold by Sears Roebuck.

Dad ordered it from the catalog. I was really excited when he said I could come with him to go down and get it at the railroad depot. I still remember that and helping to put it together. Ours was blue, not red. But it was a real pretty one. My sister, Lois, still has it in her garage or basement. She is the designated keeper.

I was allowed to ride it to school where I was to be in the first grade. The seat would not adjust down low enough for me to get on so Dad made a lowering seat holder. It was made of a steel rod bent down about six inches and then extended in front like a hook to place the seat onto it.

Since Lois was five years younger than it was, we had to take turns after she was in the second grade. Lois started the first grade when she was four. That was way to young to ride a bike on the roads for a whole mile, up hill and down hill, so she had to walk that first year. Unless I took her on the carrier which I often did.

Added notes:
1. As those commenting noted, people in general were very poor back in those days. I don't know how we managed a new bike, there must have been a very good corn crop that year. I never had a tricycle nor did I have an electric train. Lois and I shared many items. Mom made most of our clothes from feed sacks.
2. If some of you are older and have forgotten how to ride a bicycle, Dr. Jim has addressed the problem of having to relearn this vital skill. Please click here.

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A little red here...a little red there and a very nicely composed capture. Well done.
I remember my first bike too. I don't know where it is though. Too bad.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I think of the old Columbia single speed I had between 1964-1970. Heavy, thick steel tubing with massive weld beams. The frame would never break. but given its weight you had to walk it up every hills (but the weight and additional gravity made downhills really FUN :>)
Nifty. I got a Schwinn three-speed in 1976. I took the hills with abandon, not realizing I lived in the prairie.
Hi Jim!
Nice photo and even nicer memories.
P.S. I loved your clever wordplay with "7 Czechs" on Quilly's blog for punny Mon.
You have a great memory Jim! I don't recall getting my first bike, but I know I had one...I just can't recall how old I was when I got it, probably 10 or older. I don't recall having one when I was small. Maybe I had a tricycle?? I don't think so. We were poor folks and Daddy didn't spend on what wasn't a necessity back then.
this is such a neat bike mr. jim.
we never really had a bike..too many kids and not enough money but one thing that we did enjoy when we were visiting our aunt della, was roller skating and we DID have to share them!.you know the kind that you had to tighten up with the key?
bernie and i both have bicyles buried in the garage somewhere.
oh how i would like to go for a bike ride...my legs won't allow it anymore!..alas!
mr. jim, you could easily take that adi for a ride in this bike!

thanks for your visit mr. jim on my ruby post..i felt a bit low and you have cheered me...love terry
You rode to school on a bike in the first grade? I was a teenager before Mom let me and my brother go very far. :)
My first bike was used. I was the oldest and the last to get a bike.
Dear Jim,
Thanks for sharing happy memories.
Your father must have been a very sweet and caring one, making that extra seat and all that stuff to adjust the bicycle to you and your sister. (She must have been a very bright girl, starting in first grade only four years old).
We had fewer thing, but more freedom, growing up.
I would not trade my childhood for all the laptops in the world.

I had a red tricycle and a blue bicycle, but they were used. That didn't mean much, 'cause everybody else was in the same position.
When I was 9 and my brother 8, my dad made us save half the amount of a new bicycle. Very pedagogic, I see now, money in the bank every week. He met us half way, and added the rest. That special day, when the three of us went to the bank and then to the shop, is written in my mind with gold letters.

He did make his point though, we never spent money on things, before we could pay cash.
And he also taught us the art of maintaining a bicycle.
Nice capture of the red bike. Most of us girls and boys when we were kids we all love riding bike even we don't don't how to paddle still alright just sitting on the bike..hhehe even now i still have a pushbike mine is green color, hubby got one as well but its a motored engine bike..
My daughter wants a bike.. I love these older ones. You know they are coming back here. Oh those were the days. no Helmets and the wheels were a great way to get around.
My ruby link for you
WOW that bike looks great. Love the composition here very much. Like others stated I remember my first bike as well
I had one of those old Elgin bikes too, Jim... It was blue and I loved riding it.... Such memories...
that's a lovely shot, I really like the way you composed it

the story of your bike is very touching

thanks for the comment you left me, made me smile

Hope sends hugs
I never liked riding bikes. Made my bottom hurt. Does that make me weird, Dr. Jim?
waiting patiently,
hitched to a post like a horse—
bike with red fenders

Red-Sash Window (With Gum!)
I ride such bike when I was young...
it is easy and useful...
lovely post.
Thank you for the votes and nominations.
I learned cycling on my eldest sister's bike, an adult bike. My elbows and knees still have the badges of honour to show for it.

I was looking at the bike and singing daisy Daisy, and wondering how it was a bicycle for two.
Hi Jim ~~ I enjoyed the story of your first bike, also the one about Uncle Howard, and especially the one about yoursister Lois. You had better be nice to her or no more jokes, Thanks for your comments Jim.
John has been getting skin cancers frozen (or burnt) off for years and is very careful. The last ones had to be surgically removed and after a week, had to have more cut out and the skin was so stretched on his forehead it tore as the doctor stitched it up. But he is all right now and I hope won't have any more for a long time.
I hope you are feeling better after yours and also the teeth extraction. Life can be fun.
Take care,my friend,Regards,Merle

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