Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! A four-leaf clover for you

In the year 2007 I actually did find a four-leaf clover.
It was in Ireland of all places!
The following is a part from one my annual St. Patrick's day posts (link):

[large picture] [super size]

I picked this clump of clovers beside the sidewalk leading to downtown Killarney, Ireland.

[large picture] [super size]

There was only one with four leaves. You will have to find it, I did not pick it. Isn't picking four-leaf clovers bad luck? Later in Scotland I was able to find another four-leafed one.

[large picture] [super size]

Our nice B&B in Killarney. This one was on a hill with a wonderful view from our front bedroom window. (link to Muckross Drive House)

[large picture] [super size]

Here is the one I found in Scotland. It was on the grounds at the Drummond Castle and Gardens (


[large picture] [super size]

This picture is not clear although it may show you the four leaves more distinctly.

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