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Drummond Castle and Gardens -- Scotland Holiday # 002

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We stayed in Crieff, Scotland, for four nights, starting on 9/11/2007. We got in early in the afternoon and explored the town, got more British Pounds, and scoped out the eating places.
Our home for these nights was a lovely bed and breakfast home. Karen came with us for the first week of our two week holiday in Scotland and Isle of Man. More on the B & B later in another post.
The first day we also went to the Drummond Castle and Gardens (link). We had a lovely time that day, staying fairly close to Crieff. This castle was only about three miles outside Crieff.

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These lovely gardens were just below the castle and gate house. There were flowers, shrubbery, vegetable gardens, and various garden statues.

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The castle is the structure on the right. On the left you are seeing the gatehouse, stables, and servant quarters. The day was warm and I was breathing hard going back up.

The castle was built in 1491 for the Drummond family. It is now a private residence of a Drumond family descendant. I haven't seen this move, but “Rob Roy, legends of the mist” was filmed using the castle as the residence.

See the castle Web site for more information and their pictures (link)..

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Mrs. Jim and Karen posed briefly by this garden statue of Adonis. That helped give some size perspective to my picture. (Adonis Wikipedia link)

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This walkway outside the green houses provided a friend for Karen.

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The cat was very friendly. After all this attention it tagged around with us for quite a while. It paid off good for her (the cat), she got more petting.

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We weren't allowed to pick fruit, the apples looked really good. I know, these are tomatoes. Take a peek at what they are growing in. I guess if we could get that many tomatoes I could spring for sack of this stuff.

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It looks like more than one plant can be planted in these things. I think they would be real good for a balcony garden. Maybe I could surprise Mrs. Jim with a garden somewhere.

I forgot, I do have my lemon tree (link)(link to that whole blog).

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We all made it up the terrace. No, I didn't fall this time either. This castle is not open to the public, only the gardens.

As I said earlier, it is ALL a private residence, owned and occupied by a Drumond family descendant. Some Scotish castles are open to the public. Most do not allow inside pictures.

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I just knew you wanted to see this work car up real close. I did.

If you got down to here you might note that this material and pictures were in the main placed on my PHOTO PLACE blog earlier.


I intend to keep the Scotland travel material on this blog from now on except for a single or double picture post now and then.

I'll try Tuesdays for a while on these.

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Now that is a castle! I like that gate house too.... It looks like you are having a great time..
Good tour Jim. The tomato plants were really impressive. As well as all of the others. I'm glad you stayed on your feet.
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Jamie Dawn said...
WOW! The castle & gardens are amazing!!!
I am so glad you experienced them firsthand.
What beauty!

Monday, October 01, 2007 1:36:00 PM

Willow said...
The bag looks like it would be a great idea for growing a little something next year on my balcony. I could probably grow several crops of spinach or other greens, for a very minimal investment.

Monday, October 01, 2007 6:12:00 PM
Thanks for taking your readers along with you ;) Who watched Adi? Is it still summer in Texas?
WOW!!! The gardens at Drummond Castle are just gorgeous! I love Scotland, been there once to visit for a few days in 2003, only to Edinburgh tho!
That looks like a place I would LOVE to visit!! The castle is so grand and the gardens are so perfectly beautifully manicured!! Imagine living there!!

Neat how they grow the tomatoes!
Wow I am jealous.... green, green, green. I loved all your pictures. Mrs Jim looks very serious under that statue.

See you are back in blogging deman. See breaks can do wonders for your blog. lol

Take care and hugs xx

P.S. I could not clean peoples bottoms for a living. I applaude those that can for they are truly special people.
Thanks for the tour. I just love castles and all that goes with them.
So beautiful, the last time I visited Scotland I was just a little kid!

Thanks for the visit over to my place ; )
You are so blessed to be able to take tours like this. God bless you!

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