Saturday, June 25, 2011

High School Reunion — Six Word Saturday — A Chuckle

My six words:

48 graduated — 18 came — 18 deceased
[Click on picture to enlarge. Click agan for super sizing.]
We had our class reunion on May 26, 2011. Our school was Tekamah High School of Tekamah, Nebraska. We had our BIGGIE ten years ago for the fifty. Only three of us had died then. After the picture taking all the graduates and family had a nice dinner in the city auditorium.

There were two more in the morning. Rhoda and her friend (I can't remember names) came to the luncheon but they had to leave in the afternoon. When I came over to Rhoda's table they all smiled and chuckled a little bit. Rhoda told me that they had been talking and had decided that I (Jim H.) was one of the deceased. We all chuckled some more.

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Wow - I'm impressed that this many of you turned up for your reunion.

A 60th no less, way to go.

What a nice-looking class! Sixty years is quite a graduation milestone.

Next year will make forty for me/forty-five for hubby--hoping we make it to sixty!

We have to survive our youngest son's wedding today to get there :)

Have a great weekend!
wow that is amazing- never been to a reunion, I avoid them like the plague!
Hi Jim ~~ Great photo and congratulations on making it to this
60th reunion. Sad so many have passed away, and glad you weren't one of them.
I really enjoyed seeing my brother Peter and his daughter Vicki. Peter had no trouble with Brisbane flights, but Vicki had to wait a day either way to come and go to Adelaide. Those volcanic ashes sure
came a long way to cause so much trouble.
I am glad you liked my almost senior joke and if you are just starting to do things like he did,
you are doing very well. i do quite a few on a daily basis. But I
am improving. I can understand your Mom being upset by your Dad
mutilating the dictionary.
Take great care my friend, Regards, Merle.
How wonderful! Hope you enjoyed it!
i'm glad that you had a lovely 60th renion!
How fun. A couple of years ago was our 40th (2009). I didn't go as we were boating so much, but wish I could have. I'm glad that 18 of you showed up.

Have a terrific day. :)
That is awesome! I graduated 10 years ago... :) (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)
This is a great 6WS - happy and sad at the same time.
Great photo. I bet you don't feel like it's been 60 years! Thanks for sharing with us on 6WS!
Hey, I left a comment here the other day! Where did it go? At any rate -- 60! Wow!
Dear Jim,
I visit too seldom, I know, but I have made it a rule always to pay revisit when some takes the trouble to come and see me.
Lots of new stuff to read. Adi is my favourite, I'm glad every time I see her, or meet a beagle of my hikes..

I took some time studying your 60 years High school reunion.
The two mates occupying the centre chairs are taking up so much space, that you have to shrink your shoulders to fit in. I see you have a very alert glimpse in your eyes and that you are having a good time despite sitting a bit cramped.
Besides you and the bloke to the left are the only ones with polished shoes.
Is that a good habit you have picked up on your London trips, or is it simply your mother's good upbringing??

I've also noticed that some of the women in the back row seems to be younger than me. How lucky they must be.

By the way, when was it considered polite to let the women stay while the men are seated???

I do feel old..
Have a nice Sunday and hopefully a joyful meeting at Sunday School.

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