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A poem by Lon Woodrum -- Succintly Yours

The crazy horses featured below have had their oats and hay. Now to practice on pick-up lines.

My µ-fictionStory goes thusly:

Show me your teeth, I'll show you mine.

Why should I, you're all bluster? Besides you show them every time your mouth opens.

Foiled again!

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140 Characters as counted by Design 215

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°Written for Succinctly Yours – Week 44
°The word of the week, 'bluster', and the picture were selected by
°It's posted on her blog, Grandma's Goulash
°Her Rules: Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words. It doesn’t have to be exactly 140, just not more.
°Using the word of the week is not required. This week I elected to use it, sort of.
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Here is the little poem by Lon Woodrum of the 1940+/- era that I found about King Og. Surely you remember him: (see Note 1)


While browsing through the Bible once
I ran across the queerest thing:
A Bashanite of giant height
Upon his nation’s throne was king.
His name was Og.

There is no record whether he
Was dull or smart or sour or gay.
He had a bedstead made of iron—
That’s all the Bible has to say
About this Og.

He must have used a lot of room!
They laid a tapeline on his bed;
From side to side it was six feet wide
And fifteen feet from foot to head.
Some man, this Og!

I wonder, was he cruel or kind?
A gentleman or snooty cad?
And did he have a smile or frown?
A bedstead made of iron he had!
That’s all we know.

I hope when I have lived my life
And gone the common way of man,
The folks will find I’ve left behind
Something for memory better than
Old Og’s iron bed!

I’d rather be remembered by
One gentle, friendly word I’ve said,
One smile I’ve worn or song I’ve sung
Than by a fifteen-foot iron bed
Like poor old Og!

- - - - - - -

Note 1: I found this poem here: Maxwell, John C. ; Ogilvie, Lloyd J.: The Preacher's Commentary Series, Volume 5 : Deuteronomy. Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson Inc, 1987 (The Preacher's Commentary Series 5), S. 12.

Note 2, the Bible verses about King Og:
10 We [sic, the early Israelites] took all the towns on the plateau, and all Gilead, and all Bashan as far as Salekah and Edrei, towns of Og’s kingdom in Bashan. 11 (Og king of Bashan was the last of the Rephaites. His bed was decorated with iron and was more than nine cubits long and four cubits wide. It is still in Rabbah of the Ammonites.)
Deuteronomy 3:10-11 (NIV)

Verse 11 tells all that we really know about Og, the King of Bashan. We can assume that he was a large man to fit that bed. Very likely a giant.

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adoristiThanks for the chuckle, Jim. I heard of games like that when I was a kid but never played it.

I liked the "Bed of Og" poem--very cute. Now I have to look that up in the Bible.
Oops...I just noticed that the word verification "adoristi" ended up in my comment above.

Now I must type in "cyclesph."
You and I are vibing, Jimmy! Yep, my Succint is all about one-liners as bait, too. LOL! I guess when it comes to getting all inspire-y about this week's picture, we've got good horse sense!

And the Og poem made for nice blog frosting! <--Thanks! It reminded me of a toy I asked Santa for one way back Christmas. It was called Odd Ogg. The commercial sang out, "Odd Ogg, Odd Ogg, half turtle and half frog!" Pretty soon and after hearing it on TV a couple zillion times before Jolly Ol' St. Nick was due to arrive, I got freaked out and scratched it off my list. I was pretty much afraid of everything back then. LOL!
He's certainly full of bluster. And I loved Og.
I have an iron bed (headboard) but haven't seen it in the Bible.
I guessed the picture of the bottom of the wheelbarrow to be taken in a porta potty. I guess I was wrong.
With teeth in that state you'd keep your mouth shut wouldn't you? LOL
Great stuff, Jim. Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth and complaining about his teeth!
Love your MF and your Og poem. Great double header!
You and Sparkle should get together and coauthor a book of pickup lines. :D

Og hasn't done so bad at being remembered. I wouldn't count on being remembered for 100 years, let alone a few thousand.

Fun and interesting SY, Jim.
Maybe, don't show me your teeth...yes, I'll go with that one.



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