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My Alphabe-Thursday -- "C" -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions -- MidWeek Blues

"C" is for Clothes I washed Monday. That will be at the close of this blog post.
"C" is for Collector Cars today. I have few pictures of restored and work-in-progress cars.
"C" is also for Coffee, the coffee that I made this morning. We will start with that one.
'Things in a Row' are found in the pictures of the parked cars and of my hanging Clothes.
Oh yes, you can see any picture larger by clicking on it. It will get larger still if you click the picture again. Then hit your BACK arrow button to get back into my blog.
Pictured at right is the Coffee. It is a two-ounce sized package of 'Ground Coffee, Hawaiian Kona Blend.' Oh yes, it also says, 'Atlanta 1996.' I didn't notice that date until Mrs. Jim told me.
This morning I woke up first. My job (self appointed) is to let Adi and Katrin (dogs, the beagle and the toy poodle) out, make coffee, feed the dogs, feed Amber (Karen's cat), then start on my breakfast while I read e-mail. Breakfast in this mode is half a granola bar with a cup of coffee.
Before I got to feeding Amber (cat) Mrs. Jim woke up and so first we had coffee, granola bar, and e-mail. Before we got to the consumption stage of breakfast Mrs. Jim wanted to inspect the coffee I had made.
As we approached she noted that I had a mess on her cabinet top. After she told me about training little boys I told her to remember all the nice things I do. But tonight neither of us could remember what had been the trouble earlier. IT WAS NOT ABOUT THE MESS I LEFT MAKING COFFEE.
AFTER ALL THAT, my real trouble started. Mrs. Jim noticed the date and place of the coffee, Atlanta 1996. She wasn't sure about drinking coffee that was twelve (12) years old. Karen had gotten that at the Atlanta Olympics back in 1996 and Mrs. Jim was saving it.
She then threw it away but I retrieved it for a picture. Do you think it has any value as how it has now been opened?  I threw away my Olympics bottle of unopened Cocoa Cola earlier this year.
These are some of our car club host's (Dave's) Collector Cars that he has finished restoring.  We toured his facility and then ate a lunch we brought on picnic benches he keeps in one of his garages.  Dave furnished soft drinks and water. Mrs. Jim is standing by a Model A convertible. The cars to the left in his garage are 1920's and early 30's Cadillacs.
Some work in progress. Be sure to click on any picture you want to see better.
  These are some of the member cars. Our car club is called the Montgomery Country (Texas) Early Ford V8 Club. To qualify the car to belong to the club it must have been made by the Ford Motor Company in the years between 1932 and 1953. These were the years that Ford made a flat head V8 engine as opposed to currently used overhead valve engines. I will blog more about that when we get to the "F" letter.
The brown and tan car is a 1950 Lincoln.  The Ford made cars or trucks must be Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln brands.  The two convertibles on the left in front of the Lincoln are 1940 Mercury convertibles.  They are parked beside a gray 1946 Ford Club Coupe.  The car to the Lincoln's right is a 1940 Ford which has been hot rodded.  In the other picture are some 1936 Fords.
Clothes hanging on the door, to the left here are the shirts I have washed.  I wanted to show you that all of my shirts really aren't blue even though my last weeks picture had all blue ones.
In front are my golf shirts, then my wear-around-former-work shirts, and then some casual dress shirts.  Not shown are my PJ's, underwear, socks, and a pair of black walking short. 
Note I said 'that I washed' as I do most all of my own wash.  Most times Mrs. Jim washes the towels and bed linen.
You can check out more Alphabe-Thursday 'C' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her here. You might even like to join us as we go through the alphabet, one letter per week.
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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did. Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE, you don't have to write.
. For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
Last week 's post was about being out of place and also things and other people being out of place.
My Two Questions for this week:

1. What do you think about old cars?

Hint: Look between the lines of my post above.  One thing that bothers me is that so many of them, especially Fords, end up being made into hot rods.
2. Do you or a loved on or a friend have an old car?

.. .
I have an original 1950 Ford Custom Tudor that needs to be restored and a 1974 Ford Mustang II Ghia that formerly belonged to my mother.  The Mustang is in excellent original original shape with only 67K miles driven.  I also have a fourteen year old, 1998 Ford Mustang GT Convertible for my personal car. That one has 95K miles driven.

Bonus Question: Does having a 'hobby car' cause any friction in your family?
My cars generally are not a problem as I don't use very much money from the family budget.  And I don't spend a lot of time, not nearly as much time as in blogging.  Often Mrs. Jim and I attend the car club functions together.

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An interesting set of 'C's there. We aren't into vintage cars here but do like to see them
So how did the coffee taste?

I love old cars and can spend hours at the shows drooling over them. I have to admit my taste runs more to the muscle cars but I still appreciate the older ones too.

I have a 1978 Camaro LT, not exactly a collectors item but pretty cool just the same.

We don't do hobby cars but we do have a small collection of antique boat motors. There is a 1928 Johnson sitting in our living room, it is all polished and shined and complete.
Wow, your car club seems to have a car puzzle on its hands! And it looks like you have a shirt for every mood! Must be fun deciding what to wear. :)
Nice rows. Adore those cars.
Wow! What a great list of 'C's here!

And no, don't know who the mystery blogger is either! :-(

PS Whenever I now come across the name 'Jim', I immediately think of the character of that name in my last (& current) novel! Don't think he was modelled on any fellow blogger - though he does seem to travel a lot like you!!

Have a good weekend!
I love old cars, they're like sculptures

I tried some of that same coffee you made, I found it a bit bitter

Hugs from Hope
and me
I'm impressed that you help with the laundry. AND that you wear colorful shirts. My husband wouldn't wear stripes or bright colors EVER. He wears the same dull green colored shirt (he has many!) every day. Sometimes he switches it up with a tan shirt.

I don't mind looking at antique cars, but we are not really into them.
The coffee from 1996 was probably still good or maybe even better like old wine, lol ! You just had to taste it before throwing away.
Concerning old cars I love to see them some of them I still remember from my youth !
I think old cars are really cool. We see them from time-to-time in the area since there car shows going on periodically.

Now, we have an old car but not so much as in years as in miles. Our 1987 Toyota Camry has over 600,000 on her and yes she still runs! Amazing, is it not?

12 Ways to Celebrate Your Love
I like the old cars. They are very classy looking and I love their curves.
We have a couple of automobiles 1995- they are considered old now ;-)
I am always fasinated with the old classics though.
old cars are always fun to see. they give us a glimpse into the past. thanks for sharing.
My first husband used to restore old cars. He enlisted me to help a lot more than I ever wanted to! They always looked good when we were through, though!
1. Yes I love old cars. If there is a car show around you'll find me there.

2. My son has a 70s era Challenger that he loves very much. It needs lots of work though.

3. Don't apply here, but hubby has enough hobbies that are expensive.

Have a terrific day. :)
Hi Jim,

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog -- it was my pleasure to welcome you there. :)

Thanks also for this interesting "C" post. As for old cars, is there anyone out there who doesn't have a soft spot for them? The father of a former pen pal in Amsterdam, Netherlands owned an oldtimer car. When I visited my friend Claudia, he drove us around town in that car -- VERY SPECIAL! :)

Greetings from Germany,
Very cool cars for sure, Jim!
Very interesting C's in a row Jim.

1. I don't mind them. I've seen them and has been fascinated. I'd love to drive old cars around just for the experience.

2. I don't know anyone with an old car, unless you consider our old 15 year old Pontiac :)

3. We don't have a hobby car :)

Happy Thursday!
I am so laughing at your first C - you sound like my husband. He takes the dog out, makes coffee, and messes!!

But yes - he does a lot! sandie
Yeah, it's safer to do your own laundry.
Yes, Dan still has his 57 Fairlane. Maddie is moving to an apartment so he just came and got it and took it to Lincoln.
Also, on your verification,,,I limited comments to the past 10 days I think. Anything older than that needs to be verified. That way if a comment is left by spammers on an old one I can delete it and I figure I'll find the current ones myself.
Wow, so many goodies in one post.
Those are some very cool cars!!
Well Jim that was refreshing...seeing and reading the man's perspective. About that coffee...did it taste bad for being 12 year old coffee?? We like old cars too.~Ames
1. What do you think about old cars?
A. I love old cars-I've had a few over the years-now we just have the one Subaru Forester. Once upon a time I had a '63 Chevy Impala, a '65 Ford Falcon and a '68 Woody Morris Minor station Wagon with right hand drive. I called the Morris "Mr Toads Wild Ride" as it was a perfect car for wine touring. It held a substantial amount of wine cases besides a few friends.
2. Do you or a loved one or a friend have an old car?
Not any sweet husband had many many old cars -mostly ones made in England- the last one was a TR3A that he completely restored after using it as a daily driver for years. Then he didn't want to drive it as much and eventually sold it.
Bonus Question: Does having a 'hobby car' cause any friction in your family? .
Nope- other than the garage held the old cars and our regular cars had to park outside, but then all I had was an older little Subaru Station wagon at that time.
Older cars have such character and panache-nothing like them these days.
Hi Jim,

That coffee looks great. I love your golf shirts as well. Thanks so much for sharing.
Wait! You have shirts that aren't blue? No way! That made me smile, Jim!

Love all the cars. If we lived closer, my husband would be totally inviting himself (and his 48 Jeepster) along!

Thanks for a clever link to the letter "C".

I love visiting you.


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