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My Alphabe-Thursday -- "D" -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions --

"D" is for Deer: I played golf this Tuesday(I'll also be playing this morning, Thursday).  I am back into my routine again now.  Tuesdays I play with the fellows in Mrs. Jim's Sunday school Class.  Then Tursdays I am playing with either Mrs. Jim or the guys here in our subdivision on the courses here where we live.  Tuesdays we play around on the various public course.

What's that got to do with deer?  If you look closely you will see a deer walking up the hill where our ball should land after we hit it from where Butch is standing.  Actually the ball should go up the hill further still, but with duffers like me and some of the others you never know really, where the ball will go.

"D" is for Dining: A couple of weeks ago we had 'gourmet dining' in our subdivision.  We do this three times a year.  Groups of four couples gather together to eat at one of the coupls home.  All of the couples cook their meal off the same menu.  We have about nine groups doing this within a common time period of two months.  This is repeated two more times with different menus.

Things in a row:  This is my Thursday Things in a Row picture entry for this week, the people sitting at the dining table.

This was our main course. It was baked mauii mauii fish on a bed of spinach and rice.  The host always cooks the entrée, makes the appetizer, and buys the wine.

The menu:
Appetizer:  Smoked Salmon Tartare on Belgian Endive (on yesterday's blog);
Second Course: Cream of  Sweet Corn Soup with Wild Mushrooms;
Third Course:  Roasted Mauii Mauii, Brazed Collard Greens, Charleston Red Rice, and Pecan-Shallot "Cracklins"; and
Fourth Course:  Rustic Texas Peach Tarts (Mrs. Jim made these, yummy, yummy!)

The other three couples were responsible for those not provided by the host.  The costs of everything was shared.  Including wine even for teetotallers.
"D" is for Double decker red bus: These are prevelant in London.  A visit there would not be complete without riding one.  Our granddaughter, BP, prefers riding the bus to school rather than taking the tube (subway).

We were shopping and eating on and around Baker Street and caught the next bus which was the one that goes by Karen's flat.  I wish that Houston had better mass transit.  It will never be the cities like NYC or Chicago without.  We have a hodge podge of bus routes and one above ground train route.  That and taxi cabs.  Most people who live here have their own cars, one or more for each driver in the family.  So why build a rail system?

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You can check out more Alphabe-Thursday 'C' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her here. You might even like to join us as we go through the alphabet, one letter per week.

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For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'

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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)

Last week 's post was about old cars, having and liking them.  The responses were very interesting. 

My Two Questions for this week:

1. How do you go about eating with friends. Do problems arise?
Gourmet Dining and Dining In are two organized activities we have here.  Also Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class has a group of around 30-40 who meet and eat at one of the various restaurants in town weekly after church.
Problems involving paying are solved by going Dutch in the restaurants and sharing the costs of the meals eaten in the homes.  Some folks object to sharing the cost of wine when they don't drink any wine.

2. .Do you have a favorable public transportation where you live?  Why or why not? (As you read in my post above, we have very little in the GREAT metropolis of Houston, Texas.) 

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Yes I saw the deer right away because you mentioned deer so there had to be one.

Dinner sounded really good. I love Mauii Mauii. Yummy.

1. I don't care for sharing the meal ticket when some are drinking the we aren't. Just doesn't seem right. Alcohol is expensive.

2. I haven't rode on our metro system so I can't say. I'm sure it's just fine.

Have a terrific day. :)
We do a similar sort of progressive dinner in my neighborhood on a fairly regular basis. The host provides the entree and the guests bring mostly everything is a blast!

We don't have any public transportation out here in the boonies, I'm afraid....
nice D´s :) love the double deck bus
I'm sure the golf course is like a resort for deer~well manicured lawns, trees, rough. She was probably on vacation.
What a great way to stay in touch with neighbors. You don't see that as much anymore or at least I don't like when I was younger.
I did see the deer. What a fun tradition to have meals with your neighbors in the subdivision. Our public transportation could be improved for sure. As far as eating with friends, there aren't problems...
That was a Delightful post. You must live in a great subdivision - lots of fun and golfing and visiting and eating with friends. That is awesome.

Hi Jim, glad to hear you are back in your routine. Golfing seems to be a great activity for a lot of people, especially when they are visited by a deer. :-)
1) Yes. Paying could be a problem in a group, and also what restaurant to pick. Some people might consider eating is a necessity, while others feel their meals should be not just filling their tummies, but also great tasting.
2) We have buses, but I wouldn't consider it great. Everyone pretty much get around in their own cars.
Thanks for hanging out with us on Thursdays, love your posts and visits.
When I lived in Manchester, UK, I used to ride the metro tram into town. It's a brilliant form of transport; quick, clean and efficient!
We normally go dutch when we go out eating with friends. It's always chaotic as the kids find it hard to stay in their seats for the whole dinner.

We normally take the car out. It's really hard to travel on the public transport with the 3 kids.
I love your "D" post! That progressive dinner sounds "D"elish! That would be something we could do while wintering in AZ since we are all close together, like a subdivision, and we have a large group of friends. Back here in IL our friends are scattered all over and we just moved into a subdivision; don't know anyone yet except briefly the people in our building.
The only golf I've ever played is putt-putt and oh deer/dear me! Do I ever have dreadful aim, take shelter - cover your head!

Going dutch when eating out is perfect. Dining in someone's home, then arrangments made ahead of time is best. I think for those who drink wine the cost should only be confined to those who partake of it and the others can bring a liter of soda, if they prefer. That would solve this problem easy enough.

Knoxville's public transit system is similar to Houston's - city buses and taxis for those without transportation, but the large population has their own wheels for getting around town. Personally, I prefer my own car over riding either the bus or taxi any day.

What a delightful post!

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Glad to see you're at that blasted game again. Keep up the good work.
We don't have much in the way of public transportation. Do cows work?
Love the comment about the deer on vacation! Good one! :)

Looks like you had a lovely time at dinner. Sounds like a fun time with friends.

Those double decker buses always look so bright and fun. I rode on one in NYC.

1) Going out to eat isn't a problem. When we invite someone to go out we usually just specify if we are paying for them or not right up front. We get separate tickets if we are "going dutch". I agree that it would be a problem for me to split a bill when someone else is drinking and I am not. Liquor is really expensive and really adds up quickly. One or two bottles of wine for a dinner party at someone's home isn't so bad though.

2) Our town of 195 is a little lean on public transportation, but does have public roads. ;-)

Fun pictures!
I saw the deer, how sweet they look! We have double deckers in vancouver, but only in tourist season, and i have got to say i love our transit system ... I just wish it ran 24/7 instead of the current hours. however, there is still a bus every 15 minutes where i live and it stops at the "skytrain" station and it is so easy to travel on the skytrain.
We always see a lot of deer on the courses Jere on Kekyll. We don't see them in Tucson.
Those are fun things in a row.

1. I rarely go out eating with friends, so no problem there at all

2. I've not yet ridden public transport, but I think it's ...they are favorable.

Have a lovely weekend Jim
that neighborhood dinner sounded pretty yummy. I love to cook and we often have friends over..small groups as I hate large parties. I think there should be enough people for interesting conversation but not so many that the host doesn't have a chance to visit with ANY!
Hi Jim!

Many thanks for stopping by my Alphabe-Thursday post.

Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you again soon!
Another great series for the letter Jim. Love the smiles and sun!

I enjoyed reading this post. Where I live, public transport hardly exists. If you haven't got a truck, bike or car, then I'm afraid you'd be house-bound. Thanks for sharing.

Your Divine Secrets
I love your gourmet party! That would be a fun thing to do!

We have a lot of mass transit here but nothing as delightful as the double decker bus!

I hope nobody hit the deer in the head with a golf ball! ha!

What a delightful link to the letter "D".

Thanks for sharing it.


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