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— My Alphabe-Thursday — "P" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

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"P" is for Pussy Cat for my first Alphabe- Thursday "P" word.  This cat belongs to my BIL, Danny, and SIL, Winetta.  She is watching Adi, our beagle dog, with a wary eye.  I doubt she has ever been close to a dog before.
"P" is for pitcher.  This pitcher, a creamer, is nondescript in that it is just plain white and comes from an inexpensive china set.  It might be interesting that when company comes for dining we often serve with this sort of plain ware instead of some of the more expensive and pretty china that Mrs. Jim has.
Why would we do that?  These dishes are safe for the dishwasher while many of the others are not.  But these pretty dishes are displayed very nicely in our glass-fronted china cabinet.
"P" is for Paris.  We love to visit Paris.  This is the street leading from our last hotel.  I would like to stay there for a couple or three years.  Just to soak up the ambiance and enjoy.  Contrary to a lot you hear, the French are a very friendly people, at least to us.  Mrs. Jim speaking some French and having French roots helps some here, I am sure.  Her family lives in the Bordeaux area.
"P" is for Paris.  I love to walk along the River Seine in Paris.  The river meanders back and forth through the city and you never really know where you might find it during your walk. 
Most areas have a walkway beside the river.  Following the river is not really a fast way to get to where you want to go as it changes its down stream direction a lot.  But if you are in no hurry and don't really care where you will end up, just follow it.
"P" is for Paris.  Many of these boats take passengers, mostly tourists.  A land taxi is in order if you want to go some place.  But for for tourists they are great to get the flavor of Paris with all the river's windings.
Besides taking a river tour, you can also eat on the boat.  We haven't done that, but it is quite a nice romantic ride in the evening.  Just don't drink too much wine and fall into the water.
"P" is for Paris. Every now and then on your river walk you will catch glimpses of the Eiffel Tower.  The river goes right by to the tower at one point.  Another point of interest is the Pont de l'Alma (Alma Bridge in English).  It is a scenic bridge, but more interesting is that it is near the Pont de l'Alma tunnel where Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car accident along with her companion Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul back in August 1997 (Wikipedia).
The Flame of Liberty at the bridge's north end has become an unofficial memorial to Diana.  There are always flowers laid at the foot of the monument there in Diana's memory.  You can do that too if you want.
"P" is for Paris.  Paris is a crowded city, with a population of around 10 million (NYC, USA, has about twice that many).  If you are driving, I would recommend a navigator.  Mrs. Jim is the best navigator in the world so we do very fine driving around in Paris.  We don't drive there a lot because of our lack of familiarity with the city.
I posted the above for Alphabe-Thursday 'P' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking right here.
My post is also for Pat's  Thursday Things in a Row.  Some of the Paris pictures here are suitable, the river scenes with the boats and the cars on the streets, especially this last one with the cars parked pretty close together along the street.  For sure this Smart Car driver won't have any problem leaving his place.  He might have a parking ticket though when he gets back to his car.  The offense?  Probably parking on the sidewalk.
Here next is my Thursday Two Questions post:
I really enjoyed your responses to my watch pictures last week.
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. Have you ever been to Paris?  If your answer was yes, what special place of interest did you like to see or do?  If it was no, then what might you like to do do when and if you could go?
As you saw in my post, walking around is the best.  Almost as good is visiting the various museums.  My favorite is the Musée d'Orsay, the building for which is a converted train station, Gare d'Orsay.  I like because of all of the masters on exhibition there.  Van Gogh will be my favorite in this museum.
2. What city is most special for you to visit?
I have a hard time with this.  London, and Paris and New York City in that order are probably my favorite large cities to visit.   Mostly because there is a lot to do in those cities within walking distance of 'down town.'
Bonus Question: What would be your favorite "P" word?
Pickles would be a good choice for my blog.  One time at the checkout counter belt of our Kroger store, I dropped and broke a large jar of Sliced Hamburger Dills.  The store was nice and cleaned up the mess for me.  And they did not follow the rule, "you broke it, you pay for it' of many stores.

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Love your pictures of Paris. I miss the city and hope to be able to visit it again one day.
OK, I have a pitcher, a cat and have
been to Paris...
Loved this post....
Having just been adopted by a beautiful white and gray cat whom we have named Violet, I can seriously appreciate the first photo, Jim. Little Liz, our Yorkie, "just wants to play" with Violet. Yeah, right!!

As for your pitcher, I much prefer using my everyday dishes because they are so pretty on my table! Later in the year, I will show everyone what I use at Christmas (no, not the "good china!")

I've never been to Paris, but I love your photos!
Neat series of P words! Paris sounds especially delightful!
I just LOVED your pictures of Paris! They were so beautiful and brought back so many memories of when we were there!

We went to a LOT of art museums - which I truly enjoyed. I loved going to the market - the different stores - flowers, cheese, meat. A specialty store for each.
1. I've never been to Paris and have no desire to ever visit. I want to go to Germany and Switzerland. Okay Italy too.

2. I avoid large cities, so I can't answer this. I like the small more down to earth places.

3. Peace would be my choice as the world just keeps getting crazier and crazier and more divided.

Have a terrific day. :)
Love all your pics - I have been to Paris a couple times. I don't think I'd EVER be comfortable driving there!
Hi Jim,Cute puddytat. Love your first shot of Paris. AND I love Paris, itself. One of the best walking/eating/watching cities in the world!! Have a great day!
I would love to visit Paris!
I have not been to Paris, but I have been in London. And London is a great place for tourism. There are a lot to see and do. I would not like to live there, but sight seeing was all worth while.
We saw Paris in 1991, gosh is it that long ago?? I loved it and the Eiffel Tower remians one of the best pieces of architecture I have ever seen.
Paris is wonderful but you know me, I love the cat photo :)

What a cute kitty!
I got a great laugh out of the rather unusual car parking. I'll bet he did get a ticket for that one although it was very creative.

Nope, have never been to Paris. We like to spend our vacations in more open spaces like the desert or mountains. Neither of us care much for large cities. I would like to visit Edinburgh some day since I have many ancestors from that area.

Favorite "P" word? Maybe popcorn.

I've never been to Paris but I was in Kansas City once.
I'd love to go to Paris, and have never been. Great photos! I think my favorite city is Washington, DC! There is so much to do, and being an American, the museums are free. And the city has wonderful parks. {:-D
Nope, I've never been to Paris. Of course, you know I'm a big scaredy cat (no pun intended there) and you won't catch me EVER on an airplane or boat. All traveling must be done by car.

I think the most interesting big city we have ever visited is Boston. I love the history, the sights, and the interesting architecture. I'd love to go back some day!
Very interesting photos.

1. Never been to Paris, but I would love to go. I'm sure it would be an experience. I hope if I go, I do not get into the regular tourist traps.

2. I don't have a favorite city as yet.

3. P is for procrastination. yes I do this alot.

Happy weekend
I love Paris. It's such a beautiful city!
You had me at Paris - seeing things with rose colored glasses on. All girls dream of it.

I have been to Paris once. I was a chaperone for high school students - my son and daughter went - it was a month long and we went everywhere. So much fun!

Looks like you and your wife have been there many wonderful times.
Wow! Fun times for you! Paris!

I like that whiteware. I have some in a similar pattern. We always end up using our plain dishes rather than the two sets of vintage china we own!

I've never been to Paris, Jim!

It would be lower on my list right now. I am anxious to get to Salem, OR to visit our new Grandson!

I think I'd choose that over international for the moment!

Thanks for letting us Pop into your life this week!

Great images of Paris, Jim. I too have found welcoming people there - though not all of them!

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