Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Quiz — My Alphabe-Thursday — "R" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

"R" is for RED  in respect for Aphabe- Thursday.   
Question:  What else do these three pictures have in common besides having red color?

Picture # 1:

Picture # 2:

Picture # 3:

GIVE UP? Then highlight the area below for the answer.

Answer:  they are all food related.

Picture # 3 of course, a McDonald's Meal Deal delivery in Guatemala City.
Picture # 1 is a small bowl of sweet and sour sauce with two frozen strawberries trying to swim.  This photo I took at a Chinese restaurant and the strawberries were in my Blue Bell strawberry ice cream.

Picture # 2 is the bottom of the drink dump bucket at church last night.  Evidently most people had the red juice drink that they didn't like so that was dumped the most.

For Thursday Things in a Row I had to stretch things a bit.  Do two strawberries laying side by side count as being in a row?  Of course all the motorcycles at McDonald's were parked in a row but I didn't get a picture of them.

Now my Thursday Two Questions:

I really enjoyed your responses to my Quebec City pictures last week. My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. Have you ever been to Guatemala City? If your answer was yes, what special place of interest did you like to see or do? If it was no, then what might you like to do do when and if you could go?

Most of my time in Guatamala City was spent at the airport or in a bus heading up the Trans American Highway to Hue Hue Tenango.  This was on a mission trip to an orphanage where we helped to upgrade their facilities.  I was good at painting and playing with the kids.
2. How much do you use food delivery service?
Once in a while we get a pizza from Dominoes.  Trouble is that Dominoes and Little Ceasars are so close that we just call ahead and stop there on the way home from someplace.

Bonus Question:  What is your favorite "R" word?
My favorite "R" word is 'rev' for 'rev it up' or 'rev your engine up.'  I like mine while driving, I love to go fast.  The fastest I have ever driven is just a bit over 150 mph (240 kph) on the German Autobahn (or was it 200 mph?).
1. To operate at an increased speed: heard the motors revving.
- - - - 

I posted the above for Alphabe-Thursday 'R' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking right here.
My post is also for Pat's Thursday Things in a Row.
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—My Thursday Two Questions post is for Amanda.

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Hi Dr Jim! My answer is "no" to both questions :) "R" is for red; my favourite colour.
1. Have you ever been to Guatemala City? No, I've never been there nor do I ever want to go there.

2. We don't use food service. Most unhealthy food on the planet and we can't afford to eat that stuff anymore.

3. Reasoning. Can people use some reasoning? Please people.

rea·son·ing [ree-zuh-ning, reez-ning] noun

1.the act or process of a person who reasons.

2.the process of forming conclusions, judgments, or inferences from facts or premises.

3.the reasons, arguments, proofs, etc., resulting from this process.

Have a terrific day Jim. :)
Jim, I was almost afraid to guess about the first two. They looked a little scary! What a clever "R" post!!
Nope I've never been to Guatemala City. I don't use food delivery service too much. We use to order pizza a lot, but haven't much in the past couple of years with my crazy dieting cycle. I would love resume getting pizza delivered and maybe I can once I reach my goal weight. The good news is I'm making progress now at 112, but I want to be down to 102 before the year is over. =D Great link up today!
Oh for sure this was a fun romp in the red post of really r-wonderful stuff!
Hi Jim - I've nothing against Libertarians. If Ron Paul was on the ballot I'd vote for him. He rocks. I took it as a dig against the liberals. I guess some missed that.

Have a terrific day. :)
Hi Jim, I wasn't able to guess what those were, although the first one looks like an oyster in hot sauce... then I decided that they both look hot!

Never been to Guatemala City and never use food delivery...even if I wanted to, no one would deliver where we are...out in the boonies.

To answer your questions re the damming of the rivers in Chile...the damage that would be done is enormous. The salmon spawning would be destroyed, thereby wiping out a whole industry in southern Chile. The farmlands would be flooded, displacing people from their homes and destroying their croplands and grazing lands. And the powerlines that would be strung from Patagonia to The northern part of Chile would cut a swath more than half the length of the country that would the most hideous eyesore one can imagine. None of the power would actually serve the people of the region and the money would go to the italian and spanish companies that are building the dam, so from an economic perspective, it wouldn't be helping the chileans much either... sad situation.
No, I have never been to Guatemala City, and no, I do not use a food service. My favourite R word is READ.
I have never been to Guatemala City. And I never use delivery service - or lets say rarely - for a pizza. lol
That is quite a delivery scooter. McDonald's doing delivery-- amazing, even if it is not in the states.

Hi Dr Jim :) Thank you so much for noticing the sequence in the Chinese names.

For the Chinese, our surnames come before our Chinese names and after any Christian names. For example, my name is Audrey Chan Wai Yin. Chan is my surname. Usually the Chinese ladies maintained their maiden surname officially even upon marriage :)
I would say that the similarities of the two picture has to do with "R" so I would say "round".

I haven't visited a lot of the states and would want to do that before wandering overseas - count me silly and loyal. The military took me to Alabama, Indiana and NY. Family has taken me to Ohio, and Illinois, and the church took me to WV. I lived in Mi and NYC and visited NJ, Pa. Del, CT and Canada from there. So there you have it; there are many states to see before going overseas. :-)

I get more spammers than commenters so I have pre-approve so I know what you mean. lol
visiting from Miss Jenny's...Cool way to hide/highlight your quizy post♫♪
2.I get my milk and eggs delivered
Bonus..r word is roads, since I used that as my blog word♫♪

No to both questions 1 and 2!
Our two sons worked for Domino's so we did use them! I thought of using the letter R for running as our youngest son is a runner and can afford to eat those pizzas! LOL! He is attending college in Kansas on scholarship!
I enjoyed my visit and hope your weekend will be wonderful!
Well, I can tell you that this one stumped me. I could not figure out what the first two were. Then, I thought maybe the first two were related in some way, but, had no idea what they were!
This is a REALLY good R post!
Interesting post Jim.

1. I've never been to Guatemala city but my husband has.

2. I don't have food delivered...maybe pizza once in awhile, but I mostly cook our meals.

R word would be - Righteous for now :)

Happy weekend.
Ha! That top picture totally stumped me! I've never been to Guatemala City.

We do end up buying from Chipotle Grill and Pei Wei asian diners over and over again.

They have some great GF options...

But I know cooking fresh is always the healthiest option!

Thanks for a fun little quiz, Jim!


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