Saturday, September 01, 2012

— Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:
How to separate white from yolk.
It is fairly easy, watch this:
Found by Chatty Crone,
 thanks Chatty
(For funsies do your translate button)
This is our new-to-us car.  It is a 2011 Cadillac DTS.  2011 was the last year for this one.  It will replace the one Karen is driving in the picture on the center below.  Our rear-ended car (link to previous blog), a 2006 Cadillac DTS, was declared a total loss by the insurance company.
The apple pie and ice cream picture has nothing to do with eggs.  I just like this dish better than eggs.  My eggs are mostly scrambled as in the picture on the right of a healthy breakfast I had made earlier this year.  But now it will be easier to eliminate some of the egg yolk using the plastic bottle method.
One thing about Mrs. Jim's and my cars is that during our 39 years of marriage we have never had a brand new car.  While I worked for Ford I would buy one year old cars that were turned in by executives who had a car as a part of their salary.  Grandma's 1974 Mustang II Ghia (picture) that we now have was one of those.
During our time together some of the cars were not real winners anymore because we keep them for a long time.  One, a 1976 Plymouth Volarie station wagon, was so rusty that Mrs. Jim was afraid she would fall through the floorboard.  Another, a 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass, we had to keep duck tape covering a big rust hole on its side. 
Remember we are both retired from education which does not pay huge salaries and used cars were one of the ways we were able to live and raise family on that pay.  Now with the fixed income of retirement that has no cost of living raises that is necessary yet.
Mac and Cheese without the cheese

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That is an interesting video, but I don't like that it uses all those dishes!

My dad, at 73, just got his first ever new car. I hope you enjoy yours.
I am allergic to I won't be needing the technique! (:>)

The car is great! I am glad ya got such a nice one after the unfortunate accident.

My husband never ever used to buy new cars. We always drove older ones. But then he turned around and the last several have been new. I must confess I love new cars and enjoy them. (But I know they depreciate as soon as we drive them off the lot!) (:>) That is neat that you could buy a one year old car through where you work at a good price.

I hope you will enjoy your Saturday!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
You have such good humor! I do really like your new to you car! It looks a lot like what I remember your old car to be! Enjoy your long weekend!
Love the video. I've seen it before and it's amazing. Brilliant.

Glad you have a new car. Way to go. I'm just glad you and Mrs. Jim are okay.

Hubby and I had old cars most of our lives. We kept them a very long time too. Now we buy new.

Have a terrific day. :)
Your new(er)Caddy is a beauty! I've lived with the holes in the floor before too, makes us appreciate the newer ones so much more, doesn't it!Now if the younger generation would would realize that a little self-sacrifice along the way won't kill them...! :-)

I saw the egg video too... very clever, will try it next time!

Looking forward to your contribution for Two Shoes Tuesday!
Love scrambled eggs, and apple pie too. (not together)
Glad you've got wheels again.
Hey the new car is looking good Jim.Cars depreciate ( hope thats the right word ) so quickly anyway that I think your way of having one after a year sounds a much more sensible thing to do.

Wishing you and yours a fab week ahead love Jess xx
You can buy egg yolks only in the grocery store - lol.
And the reason you have money now is because you didn't buy new cars - they say as soon as it rolls off the lot is loses value!
I like ice cream better than eggs too.
smart purchase Jim!

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