Saturday, August 25, 2012

— Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words (X four):
The old nag out to pasture
Did us right to the end
We may have to put her down
Replacement horse in the stable
Her pasture is a resting place for now at the body shop parking lot.
She was strong and heavy or we may have been seriously injured by the raging bull, a Ford F-250 truck. She was injured very badly herself. [SHE is our 2006 Cadillac DTS. We bought her fully grown from a little old lady when she was a young two-year-old filly.]
The body shop barn manager said she was in such bad shape that we may have to put her down, being beyond repair. The estimator should be able to give his opinion on Monday.
We had to fill the head spot in our stable with the older Pony, shown below. This horse is also a thoroughbred mare, a 1998 Mustang GT Convertible. It is my personal car which I got for myself as a retirement present. She also was young when we got her; that was back then in 2000.  She will not stay in this spot.  Hers is over by the wall in the same barn.
You can see another night-time picture when we were hauling (dragging) her in. I blogged about the accident in my prior post (scroll down or click here).
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This untrained, non-professional eye says she's a goner. Sorry, J.

Glad that you weren't seriously injured (or is it still too soon to tell?)
That looks like quite a bump! Think it might be time to say goodbye to her..
Grateful thanks for the survival of the owners- looks a bit nasty, Jim. I will go forthwith to read the how and why.
I do hope you are all right... it is amazing what our cars take!
I absolutely love this personification of your vehicle...may she rest in peace, as she served you well!
Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are ok! That was quite a smash up!

But I wouldn't sign off on things just husband had neck issues for over a year afterwards,when we got hit from behind. Actually they still bother him years later! So please be sure you are really ok.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
Six words:

Glad you two didn't get hurt.

Well things could be worse right? But old what did you call such a cool cat car? Hopefully all is well! (My hubby has fixed far worse hits) in the eye of a body man ---- everything is fixable!
Ouch, that's a bad crunch on the Caddy, but I sure do love the little Pony now parked in her spot! Sadly, it would fill with blowing dirt here, but she's mighty pretty to look at!
Yep, she looks totaled to me, but she sure took great care of the two of you. I'm glad you're okay.

Have a terrific day. :)
glad no one was hurt looks pretty serious, I love how you wrote the vehicles as horses very cute oh sorry very manly LOL. at least you had back up. Have a safe and happy weekend
Another OUCH!
So glad you were not hurt!! I wasn't so lucky in 2006. I was hit by a girl texting and it almost killed me.
I am happy all is well! Yikes!
I found it interesting you taught in Pasadena, TX.
I lived there from 1969-1973. I was a kid. We spent a lot of time at Galveston & Texas City Dike.
After being raised in Chicago, it was culture shock; I loved it! (I went to 11 schools growing up)
Thank goodness you're OK. I was in an accident when I was 14 - my sister had been driving our mom's car, and lost control on the highway. We skittered back and forth across three lanes, eventually stopping right in the middle after hitting two walls. The car was destroyed, yet somehow we walked away. Banged up, but alive. The cops couldn't believe it.

Any accident you can talk about in the past-tense is a good thing. Cars can be replaced...we can't. Sigh...accidents like this bother me: What was the pickup truck driver doing before piling into you? Idiots like that shouldn't be on the road.
Thank heavens you're okay. It's only a car! My art trail exhibition will be on 1-16 September in London, would love to see you and Mrs Jim if you are here. Look in my etsy shop- lots of new art there now- if you like anything- give me a shout- I do wonderful prices for my bloggy pals.
Ouch! It's a terrible wreck. Fortunately, our good Lord protected you and Mrs Jim.
That's a badly beaten horse.... Nice looking Mustang!

Read about the accident on your previous post, sorry about what happened. People in trucks like to use cars to stop instead of their brakes, especially in Texas.

Looked like a serious accident glad y'all were ok! : )
So glad it is just the car that's totalled.

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