Friday, May 03, 2013

A Random Five post [001], This and That

1. Karen, our daughter who lives and works in London, and KP, our granddaughter are visiting in Paris for the weekend.

2. Mrs. Jim and I had a 1:08 PM tee time today but we canceled it due to cold weather and high winds.  It was only 54°F here today at noon.

3. Mrs. Jim and I did play golf Tuesday morning in the warm weather.  Temps got up to the 80's for a high.

4. My '98 Ford Mustang GT Convertible rolled over to 100,000 miles.  At 100,036 miles it decided that it needed a new-to-us rebuilt transmission.  We got it back yesterday.  Now it drives like a new 1998 Mustang.

5.  Tomorrow Mrs. Jim and I will go to camp with other members of her Sunday school class to help with disadvantaged youngsters.  We will be helping our church youth with them running the activities for the day.

In the afternoon our vet is having an open house.

Then tomorrow evening we will attend a wedding with our good friend's son getting married.  It will be a 'house wedding' at the home of the new bride.  We have not met her but will make her acquaintance after the wedding.
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We had that same cold weather yesterday, but glad you got to go golfing the day before. And darn my car has 140K and I think my transmission might be going out! lol sandie
Your weather sounds as unpredictable as our weather in Michigan! LOL!
Have fun visiting with the family!
OH you are always posting about GOLF ( BORING, ha ha / just messing with you : ) and here's this little angel princess KP !! :)

How old is she? She's so darn cute in this great photo! :)

And....well...the convertible isn't too bad either :)
Hi Jim...I haven't popped in here for quite some time and felt it was time.

My '97 Mustang hasn't hit 5,000 miles yet.

KP is such a little cutie ~ she sure is growing up fast.
Looks like you have some fun adventures to enjoy. Excellent.

Have a fabulous weekend. :)
My husband admires your car, Dr Jim :)

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