Friday, May 24, 2013

Cat on the run -- Feline Friday

This cat was outside the pro-shop where we played golf Tuesday (see post below).

She was so friendly until she saw the camera pointed toward her.

After that it was "El Smucko is getting out of here!"  (Old "The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox"[1976] movie line)

This post is linked to Sandee's Feline Friday # 38.  Check it out.  Post your cat picture.
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yep- some cats are definitely camera shy! Have a wonderful weekend!
I'm glad the Cricket is a camera hog. Some days he cooperates a bit too much
I love kittens and cats. I'm so very allergic though. I would be the cay lady if I wasn't allergic.

Have a terrific Feline Friday. :)
You have a wonderful eye for spotting cats wherever you go, Jim! I love your photo captures! Yes, cats do tend to avoid the camera, I think they have heard that it has the power to steal some of their nine lives! Mine don't care for the camera sound, or especially that bright flash, and will purposely look away to avoid me if I'm trying for one too many! This is a very pretty cat! I'm suspecting that patrons or kitchen help might be sharing a bit of the fare! :-)
Pretty!! Nice capture!
She didn't want her photo taken! Pretty cat though. sandie
HaHa! The cat prefers to be away from the spying camera, Dr Jim :)
Maybe she is in the witness protection program...
Maybe, Patricia. She was so friendly and acted like I should have a bit of left-over hamburger for her. Then she saw my other hand with the camera. Before my camera would even focus, this cat left, going away from me slinking like you see.
Friendly but not vain heheh! I like ginger cats

Have a purrrfect weekend ;-)

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