Friday, May 31, 2013

Six Word Saturday — A Random Five post [005], This and That —

This Friday's post will start with a golf picture. This is Mrs. Jim teeing off at our # 14 hole yesterday about noon.

She had been playing with two other ladies at the start.  But when a few rain sprinkles came they decided to quit. 

Mrs. Jim called me at 10:45 to see if I wanted to join her out behind out house.  So I played #'s 11 through 18 with her.

You can make the picture larger by clicking on it.
............... [click again for extra large]

1.  Were you surprised to hear of this ship catching on fire?  We were.

We will be cruising soon again with some family.  Karen asked if we wanted to change our mind.  I doubt she would want to change hers really.

I told her not to worry because the unwritten maritime rule is that women and children first and then followed by old people (pensioners like me).

She didn't comment on that (we text the 5000 and some miles).

The picture does make it look pretty bad.

2.  Good watermelon, bad watermelon?  Which is which?

Hint, I took the one on the left back for a refund.  It was awful.  It looked weird too.  Grown in Mexico didn't help.

3.  Bad Jim.  Mrs. Jim's camera  (a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330) did not come with the proper cable to make uploads of her pictures.

So we would take the SD card out and place it in the SD card reader of her computer.  Her computer is a Toshiba Portégé® 705 and in most respects is a perfect computer for a not too techie lady.

The SD port on her computer was always tricky and hard to get the card inserted.  Last Friday it was particularly bad in acting up.  So I gave it an extra push and literally pushed the back part of the reader away, breaking it off.  We found it laying on top of her CD player.  I am guessing that a lot of these break. 

Mrs. Jim needed two pictures on that card because she was going to use the them in a magazine article she was working on.  I suggested we take the computer in for "warranty" as surely it was defective in operating so hard and then breaking with normal use.

Mrs. Jim said no, don't do that as she would try to work it out with her "tools."  That turned out bad too and the card went down inside deep, even blocking the CD from coming out.  I was afraid something might short out inside so WE decided to leave it powered down and take it in.

Best Buy where we have out warranty said they would send it off.  Either it would be defective or they would repair it for a charge.  At any rate that would be THREE WEEKS.  The Tech at Office Depot could take the back off and try to retrieve it.  He warned that taking the back off might void the warranty .  Or send it off for TWO WEEKS.

One other problem was that this was Sunday now, after church.  Mrs. Jim said why didn't we call our friend at his home who has a computer tech business.  We called him and he said to bring it over.  At home he said he could 'loosen' the back and try to work it back out.  Well, he did that and now all is up to snuff.

I would recommend this Dynex USB SD card reader instead of using the cable anyway.  It is simple, plug the reader in, plug the card in, and copy/drag the picture to the desired computer file.  I am using it for my own now also. 

One problem, if your card isn't an SD or a Mini SD card then it won't work.  You need a Universal Camera USB card reader for that.  I think my Sony card, Pro Dual, will work with its adaptor.  I will try it later.  Now I am using the SDHC cards and this reader works great with them also.

4.  Did you watch
C a r o l e . K i n g last Tuesday evening?  She was honored at the White house.  It was a nice 'oldie' song fest. 

Her most played favorite was "You've got a friend." and she still could sing it very nicely Tuesday.

She was honored by being the first female song writer to be given the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at the Library of Congress. (link)

5. Read Your Car
Back a couple of years a had a weekend feature called "Read Your Car."  It didn't go over real big so I stopped doing it. (link)

This car?  Obviously a handicapped person in the family.  There are no dents or large gashes so I would say that this is a conservative driver.  Probably conservative in politics also.

The sticker in the rear window says that a "take charge person" does the driving.  And the color being a beigey brown says that this person is quiet and doesn't care for attention.  See the sticker below.  Remember to click on it if you have trouble reading it.


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I'm starting to like recycling my Friday blog again for Saturday Six Words.
It worked good last week I may just keep doing it. But it is (good) stuff to know about me?Does that make things better?
What do you think?

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I can't stop laughing at #3...I was saw Carole King sing in London, England, she was great. Super that she was honored. The shot of Mrs Jim makes me wish I played golf.
I did not see carole king but I remember as a teenager buying her album and memorizing every word to every song. ( the album 'tapestry')

Ugh...not the greatest melon! : ) Yesterday I bought a big "VINE RIPENED TOMATO" at the grocery store that bears no resemblance to a real tomato when it is cut open. I might just drive the 20 minutes to a local farm to get some real ones ( ours in PA are not ready but they have a partnership with a farm in the south )
Ach! Being a photographer, reading your memory card/computer trouble gave me the shivers! Glad it all worked out! xo
I did see the PBS show honoring Carole King .. about half way through I wondered why I wasn't taping it so I could enjoy it again and again. The watermelon looks like it was frozen -- yuck! Loved the computer story -- always something! Enjoy your golf!
What a great post Jim -- I've never been on a cruise and to be truthful, I think it would kinda work on me to be on a ship for a week or more. Not sure why.

I had a Toshiba Satellite for awhile and hated that thing. Always gave me issues. I have an HP desktop now and love it.

Thanks for joining in today. xo
Very enjoyable post!
I've been a little wary of cruises after all the trouble they have been having lately!
Card readers are so much easier that trying to find the right cable, uncurl it, and hope it doesn't get disconnected before all the pictures are downloaded!
I'll never cruise again. They treated us like cattle on the Hawaii cruise and we paid for VIP. Never got the VIP either. Awful, and we both came home very sick. Never again.

Have a terrific day. ☺
It sounds like you had a real nightmare going with the computer. Glad your friend was able to take care of it. I don't think there's been much golfing going on around here. We've had tons of rain and flooding.
I love Carole King...have fun on your cruise..
i've never been on a cruise before ... only a day ride... but i must say it does not make me wish to go with all that continues to happen most recently. ( :
Mrs Jim is still a young lady, Dr Jim :) Every lady is forever sweet 16.
Yeah that left hand watermelon looks pretty iffy to me too. Glad you didn't eat it.

And safe travels on your coming cruise!
That is one weird-looking melon! The card reader looks like a great idea. Glad you didn't have to send it off for 2-3 weeks.

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