Friday, June 28, 2013

— A Random Five post [009], This and That — The Jim Bunch Eats and Plays

my Five things

One:  Driving home from San Antonio last Sunday we took the back scenic roads.  We found this lovely town above.  What town do you think it was? Highlight the empty space between this paragraph and the one below to find out.
It was Cat Spring, Texas. (link)
And then close to home, within the city limits of our Montgomery we found this oil well in progress.  Click on either picture to get it to large sized.

Two:  A sandwich in the making

- A three inch hunk of natural white batard
- One cooked braut sausage (warmed)
- 1/3 cup drained sauerkraut (warmed)
- One large slice of Swiss cheese
- Mustard to suit

- Slice the batard hunk into thirds
- Arrange ingredients, one third portion on each slice of batard
- Heat in microwave slowly so bread does not become tough.  I use the pastry warm selection twice to total nine pieces of pastry.  Click here, the Fanatic Cook, to read about batards.


Three:  I've been promising to show you the other part of my wash, the "whites."  On the left is my "white" clothes wash.  Note there is one pair of dark socks.  If I have a big wash I do two loads, one lighter colored clothes than the other.

On the right is my socks, shorts, and P J's drawer.  I have no problem mating socks as I always get at least six pairs of the same kind.  That way if the dryer gets one it will still all come out in the wash.


Four:  Read my car
Notice the crazy looking rig I'm following.  It didn't take me long to cross over to the next lane.  The red car ahead is going fast and I will also speed up to get around this monster of the highways.  I looked at the picture large sized and the guy really is off his.  The box on the top does not seem to be tied in or on good at all.  The bottom was tied using the same kind of small rope strung across the back.  Nothing fell while I was watching.

Five: The following are pictures from our San Antonio weekend with Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class.  Thirty-two of us went, driving our own cars or carpooling.

==> I am linked up today with Nancy at A Rural Journal. She conducts her "A Random Five" blog hop there. Click that link to read other "A Random Five" posts or to join in with your own.

==> Click on any picture for a larger size and a better view.  Now that my sock and underwear wash and drawer is finished it will be time for Mrs. Jim's Annual Performance Review.

==> I finally got all my comments answered last week. I am sorry if I was late with yours I did some in San Antonio and a few after we got home. 

==> I very likely will not post next week as we will be traveling again.  Sorry, I am getting to like these Random Five posts. 

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You certainly stay busy! I wish my hubby were more like you in the washing department, he doesn't think twice sometimes in combining whites and colours, big grr! You do make me giggle, Happy travels.
All interesting as usual and that is one heck of a sandwich! :)
Love the San Antonio pics. I'm a born-Texan (Wichita Falls.)
LOVE your posts. This trip looks like a lot of fun.
Traveling again??? I'll look forward to the photos and the fun . . NOW i have to go make myself a sandwich (yum!!)
Oh your lunch looks good and you had me with the sauerkraut. I love that stuff.

I love the river walk in San Antonio too. I need to go back. Take hubby since he's never been and then there is the Alamo too.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Fun pics Jim! and Happy Trails to you! Enjoy your travels!
That's a busy bunch of photos! I don't see that many people in a week!
Never heard of batard bread before.

Looks like everyone had a grand time in the "big city"!

I would have passed that truck on the highway too. That way if there is disaster, we would be ahead of it.
Hi Jim, lovely to catch up with you again this week. Lol, I was about to say "Cat Spring Texas" NOT!!! Looks like a lovely place though. I'm off to get the skinny on that sandwich. My grandfather used to make the best sandwiches involving some kind of brown bread, mustard, salami and thinly sliced red onion. How come I can never make that as well as he did!?! :) Hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to catching up with you again soon.
I want a big bite of that yummy sandwich! :D
Have a safe and fun trip, Dr and Mrs Jim :)

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