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Whitman's Sampler chocolates for Mrs. Jim has become a tradition at our house.  I don't even know when it started, it has been so long ago.

For sure, if I don't make it shopping or can't decide on a gift for her, Mrs. Jim will have a present, a box of candy.  I never get another brand.

She is generous to an extent with her candy.  She likes to hand the box to the guest, or to me, and he or she is to take ONE piece of chocolate.  A couple of times she has left the box around and people almost cleaned her out.

I do my shopping before the holiday or occasion when they will be on sale.  Either the large double box, like the one pictured here, or a standard size will do.  She isn't particular and I get the size that is on sale.  Usually the sale price is HALF PRICE.

These are the days for her, January 1 on her birthday, March or April for Easter, May for Mother's Day, and December 25 which is Christmas.  Sometimes when the standard size is the one, I will get another and break it out after she finishes the first.

When I first started the standard box was one pound (16 ounces) and the large double box was two pounds (32 ounces).  Now they are 12 and 24 ounce sizes.  They didn't go the present sizes all at once, but rather there were steps.  I don't remember what exactly they were.

In my very early life I had a friend who worked at the Russell Stover factory in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I lived.  We were very friendly and went places together at times.  I can't remember if this was dating or not.  Anyway, she was able to buy 'rejects' at very low prices and I then had a source for my candy.  There wasn't anything wrong with the candy except for its shape or possible being slightly crushed.

When I was in college at the University of Nebraska I worked at the Miller and Paine department store.  They sold candy including very fine chocolates which they made up on the top floor in their own small factory.  At Christmas time I would be temporary on loan from my rug department up to help out with the candy production.  I seem to remember that we could eat all we wanted on the job but had to buy it to take it home.

I used to eat a lot of M&M's and other candy bars.  My favorite was and still is the Mounds Bar.  It is dark chocolate filled with a coconut filling.  But now, my doctor has taken nuts and peanuts out of my diet so that cramped my style.  M&M conveniently came out with Peanut Butter (filled) M&M's, maybe just for KP and me.  I am not allergic to peanuts, it is just that I can't eat hard things that don't fully digest well.  Like corn, vegetable seeds, and nuts.

My favorite topping for ice cream is the Magic Shell which hardens when drizzled on the cold ice cream.  Next would be chocolate syrup.  That was atop a chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream; then the chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry.  I have just describe a Corn Crib Sundae which was part of my between meals diet at the University.  Conveniently the snack and treats room in the Student Center was called the Corn Crib.
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The moment I saw your Whitman's Sampler box I started to smile, Jim. It brought back sweet memories. On Valentine's Day my father would always bring my mother a box of chocolates, sometimes a heart and sometimes a box such as you've pictured above. Then he would purchase the little mini-sampler boxes for each of us three girls. I think there were maybe six pieces in those boxes but to us they were special treasures. I know Mrs. Jim must be very appreciative of her candy gifts, and I am like her I that I will share, but you'd better not take a handful or you are likely to get shot! Mounds candy bars are one of my favorites too, as are the Hershey's Special Dark bars and Kisses! This was a lovely trip down memory lane with you, I hope you and KP have many wonderful times ahead to share more Peanut Butter M&Ms! Your Corn Crib Sundae has made me hungry and I'm headed to the fridge for some cherry vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup right now! :-)
Curiously Whitman's boxed chocolates were available here in Australia a few years back. They may still be, so I will have to search. Good to find you blogging along still. You asked about Dum and Yum, they are wanderers of course so they might turn up on your doorstep. Yum is sure to like chocolate!
That's good chocolate too. You wife is very nice to be so sharing with it too. Most of us gals hide the chocolate.

Have a fabulous day Jim. Hope Mrs. Jim is doing well out of the cast. ☺
Your making me very hungry, I want chocolate now! It's a good thing that my little sister just made chocolate chip cookies a couple of hours ago, or i'd have to make a trip to the grocery store.

Those look like good chocolates, that you give to Mrs. Jim!

Lol, I remember being excited to go to class at HCC because I wanted to stop by the snack machine after and grab a candy bar. I'm sorry that you can't eat nuts.

: )
You had a lot to say about candy - but for some reason I don't think you eat that much. What a sweet hubs you are. My favorite is Russell Stover. Yum. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! sandie♥
Happy V Day to you and Mrs. Jim. I'm a bonified chocolate lover, too. Jim, we have in common that I LOVE Mounds bars and chocolate syrup! I prefer other pure chocolate to a sampler of candy. GEM knows. Yummmy! Good for you to plan to getting it on sale. Another thing we have in common. (I hope this link works. I figured out that my blog had a dumb default setting on it, making my blog buddies "have to sign in to typepad" and many could not leave comments. WEll I FIXED that. Take that typepad. I don't want you to have to "sign in." Just l leave a comment, since I took off that setting that I never even knew was there until a blog friend described it. So please don't "sign in", just leave a comment like the old days, while you're eating chocolate, but mounds bar sharing is required today! :)

Please click on this blue link INSIDE your comment box rather than the Blogger link that I needed to use to comment on your blog. <a href= "http://www.soulcrayons.typepad.com>soulcrayons</a> Thanks, Gel
Yummy chocolates, Mrs Jim :)

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