Saturday, October 11, 2014

Six Word Saturday -- Lost things return

my Six Words:
Lost my billfold for a week
There was a knock on our front door.  I opened it to three thugs and two seedy looking women.  Uh oh. 
or this
I found it Thursday morning at the front of my dresser drawer, standing against the front piece.  I had been calling the credit card people to get latest charges,  and I had made every one (Mrs. Jim doesn't go shopping yet as she isn't fully recovered.  And she can't drive for another three weeks).
Katrin has nothing to do with my billfold except I found this picture of her looking sad.  I was beginning to get sad after the sixth day when I finished looking in the last place I should look.
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So happy it was your wallet and not your beloved dear doggie! Happy you found it too. How does it go, look in the least likely or last place for whatever is lost and you're sure to find it, more often than not!
When did the Missus have her fall, Jim? I'm referring to your previous post now, which I found quite amusing, though obviously not the fall! :) Was this after previous surgery? I'm afraid I don't visit you often enough to keep track properly. My apologies! Very commendable (and necessary) you doing the shopping and washing. I expect you're expert by now. I could send you my list. :)

Speaking of wallets (billfold, in the US?)- Dad forgot to pack shorts for his recent jaunt to Spain with his neice and family. Result, one lost wallet! And deductions on his credit card which the bank won't honour. :( Glad you were luckier.
I love a happy ending. I've lost my wallet before and I've never seen it again. Pain in the behind.

Have a fabulous weekend. My best to Mrs. Jim. :)
A happy ending, so all is well!
WE have had the police knock at our door when our son dropped his wallet in the park!
Glad you found it.
So glad it turned out well!
Eight words-
You sound like me - glad you found it.
Six days worrying about your billfold??????! I cannot imagine such torture!
So happy you found it, Dr Jim :)

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