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December 12, 2005 revisited ~~ Warm Heart Wednesday No. 019

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Hi, my name is Amber. I am a very pampered cat! I can't wait for 6 PM every night. That is when I get my Fancy Feast! I talk up a storm when it gets around that time(just to remind everyone that I am waiting)! (Reposted from December 12, 2005 -- Link, click here to see the original)

I was looking through my Archives and this one tugged at me. Amber went to Kitty Heaven in 2014. Amber was our daughter, Karen's, cat but we kept her for four years while she and family were in London where Karen worked. Amber is a rescue cat of sorts and lived a Happy life of nineteen years. Note that I said "a life" as she never used nor needed any of her other eight. 

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Awww, so cute. Yes they do know when it's time for dinner and they will let you know and very loudly.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
All I have to do is quietly say "supper time" and all four of mine jump up and head for the kitchen! And yes, if I am not paying attention to the clock they will remind me! Tiggy believes that staring at me without blinking will result in telepathic communication, and it usually works! Amber was a beautiful orange tabby like Tiggy, and it's clear that she was loved and cared for very well. How we miss our furry family members that pass on before us much too soon!
Oh those furry kittys are smart and know dinnertime! What a sweet photo share Jim. Hope you and the Mrs. are doing well. I am catching up from last week too. Hugs to both of you, Anne
Wow, she lived a nice, long life. Sounds like a well-loved cat.

I can see where Amber got her name - what a beauty she was.
Sweet story of amber and dinner time. I had a rescue kitty that could hear me open a can of tuna even when she was upstairs! It's hard when they leave us for kitty heaven. Amber found her happy home on earth for sure.
Sweet baby, your Amber was. Our Molly the Cat sighs (I think) when she sees that I'll be giving her breakfast. Unlike her other two humans, I do not do a straight line from getting her can of food to putting it on her plate.
Beautiful Amber. It's amazing how they manage to steal our hearts.
Don't let Amber know but Lucy gets a bit of Fancy Feast 3x a day! Cheers!
Amber is a beauty! She left quite a pawprint on your heart!

And she certainly warmed mine for week 19!

Thank you for linking!

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