Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The ARF Truck ~~ Warm Heart Wednesday No. 017

[click large size to read the sign][super size]
How can seeing this trailer warm me?  What do you think of when you see an ARF truck going down the road?  I think of my sister, Lois, right away (Click here for previous blog posts featuring Lois).  I only have one sister, Lois, and no brothers.  Just the two of us.  
 Two things:  (1) It isn't an ARF truck, it is an ABF truck but my sister for years called it an ARF truck, she had misread the lettering; and (2) Lois and I always have a nice laugh and exchange remarks of some kind when we think about her mistake.
Once after she realized what her mistake was, she stopped and talked with a driver of an ABF rig.  She told him the story I mentioned above and he, a very nice man and I'm sure a nice truck driver, gave her an "ARF Hat" as she calls it.  That's generally a part of our conversation.

This ABF trailer was parked at the end of a street that bordered on our subdivision's walking trails.  Neither Mrs. Jim nor I have the slightest idea of why it should be parked there.
This trail runs along with a green belt doubling as a holding and draining area to combat flooding.  The red oval half way up on the right is our house;  Some pictures from our walking:
[you can click on a picture for large sized]


[click on map for larger view]
For perspective, the blue line from our house to our church is 1.5 miles.  The green area on the map is the walking trail and green belt.  Google says it is a three minute drive to church, a 28 minute walk. 
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Oh what a great story. And funny. I linked a silly post today. I always wrote a post for Good Fences about the trails and parks in my town. Are ya'll getting is much rain down south as we are up here in the metroplex.
What a lovely area you live in. I love having a walking trail too. So convenient.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Hello Jim, the walking trail looks pretty. It is great that it is so close to home. Great photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!
Wonderful post and I too have only one sibling, a brother ~ Great shots!

Happy Weekend coming to you ~ ^_^
I have some of those family stories too. In fact, your story made me laugh remembering some of my own. I hope to get a Warm Heart Wednesday post up later tonight.
Jim, while I was reading about the Arf Truck, I kept thinking that would make a good name for a food truck that specializes in hot dogs. How perfect to have a trail near you home and one that you can easily take to and from church. Cheers to you and the Missus.

What a beautiful place. Love the story about the ARF truck.
What a nice and funny memory, Jim. And I love your photos of the trail.
Arf, Arf! Love this story. Back in the day my sister used to wish people happy 'VD' on Valentines day. VD was a 'thing' back then and we were always mortified that she would say that.

After she's been gone now a number of years it has just turned into something that makes us laugh each year.

Thanks for warming my heart with your story and my memory!


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