Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Horses Matter ~~ Warm Heart Wednesday No. 023

This news headline picture was extremely heartwarming to me.  At first the estimate was that twenty or so horses were rescued.  But Tuesday morning's Houston Chronicle was saying that "about 70 horses were rescued" from our April 2016 Houston Area Flood.
Our home wasn't flooded but a lot around here did.  Most of them began very slightly north and east, in the North West Quadrant of Metropolitan Houston.  Those people had double digit numbers of inches rainfall, ours was about seven (7) inches. 
Some of the creeks, bayous, and rivers are still rising due to the run off.  I heard an estimate, I think it was said that 15,000 acres were flooded.  Tonight I couldn't find verification on-line.

This is a picture of our family car, hugging the garage door with as much as possible scrunched under the overhang.  This was to prevent as much hail as we could from reaching and pounding the car.  I think it did hail just a little during the night but there weren't any new dents.
We have a three car garage, two stall are tandem. So what is wrong with this picture?
What's wrong is that there isn't room for three cars until I finish unpacking from our recent move.  So the lot was cast for the family car to stay outside.  My two toys (Ford Mustang Pony cars) aren't real valuable but they would be harder to fix come hail damage or vandalism. 
On the right sits Mom's 1974 Ford Mustang II Ghia that is now mine and the left stall gets my 1998 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. (Better pictures)
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Hi Jim, remember me?? Gosh, it's been a long time. I have seen on the news of the flooding that Houston is having and hoped that you were okay. Hope the car didn't get any hail damage!!
That's a lot of rain. I'm glad you're high and dry. I can also see a lot of work for you to get all the cars in the garage.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Fantastic that they managed to save fifty more horses than they counted on. And good luck with the unpacking.

I haven't gotten my post up yet, but I wondered how you made out in Katy. I heard the schools were closed. My friend couldn't get out until yesterday. She lives off 290 (Jones Road and Grant) up where I lived in the 1980's. Her neighbor's house flooded because they are just seven inches lower than her. She had water up to her front step and couldn't get out of her driveway for days. Of course, she was one of the lucky ones. They have no school until Monday. Down here in Clear Lake we didn't get nearly as much rain as you.

I took such good care of my 2000 Mustang. No car wash...I washed it myself. I parked way out in parking lots and didn't even shop on a windy day because I was afraid a shopping cart would blow across the lot into my car. It was also stick shift. I hate driving an automatic and that's what I have now for the first time in my life. I guess I'm a control freak and want to make the car shift myself. I miss my Mustang and think about getting another sometimes, but it's not a practical car for shopping, etc.

I have a three car garage here and I couldn't understand why I didn't have a lot more room after having a two car garage in Friendswood. Then I discovered that my three car garage here is only about a half a garage larger than my two car. They're making garages smaller all the time. I have too much stuff and still can't get cars in the garage!
Glad to hear you are safe. It's horrible with the crazy weather. Glad there weren't any new dents either!
I am so glad that you were not set afloat by all the flooding, and that your car survived intact too. The stories coming to us on the new from flooding there were horrific. I too found comfort and hope in the rescued horses, people taking the time to care and to show that all lives matter. My prayers go out to all those who suffered losses in the storm. I love with that so very classy black car up there! :-)
I'm glad to hear your damages weren't bad and so sorry the same was not true for others. Grateful so many horses were saved!

My Cowboy's daily driver is a '93 Buick Roadmaster. It got the garage last night. My Tahoe had to brave the elements. You get it. You guys would have fun chatting cars. He's had mustangs.
I'm so glad they got so many horses. That was a sad story. Praying for everyone's safety.
Thanks for sharing.
I love your car collection here! Nice rides Jim! Always good to take care of those more collectible cars. We had a nice Mustang that a friend gave to us when she had a stroke. It is a light yellow car and if I am not mistaken it was a 1970! That was a sweet little car. Nice memories. :-) enjoy the weekend!

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