Friday, November 04, 2016

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.2.19 -- "S" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of November 4th is: (1) Starts with S; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Amazing 

2. Week's Favorite:  Cousins, Mary and Mrs. Jim

Picture was taken at Mary's church after the service.  They were having a fund raiser for the "Clothes Closet" for the needy.

Our menu was Chili Dogs, a salad, and chips.  Oh yes, a piece of cake and a cookie as a part of the Baby Shower in the room next.  Mrs. Jim bought our and five for others not so lucky as we.

This was also my Birthday Dinner, 30 October.  I like hot dogs (link).

1. Starts with "S": Steamboat Bill's ~~ Last week I was late for sign-in as we were in Louisiana visiting our cousin, Mary.  Mary is 93 years old but still gets around fine, and drives.

Mary had gotten us tickets for the Sandy Patty Concert being presented in her church.

Going over Friday afternoon, we decided to stop at Steamboat Bill's, a Cajun Seafood restaurant in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on I-10.  (The little guy in the little tub was stationed at the men's restroom entrance.)

We shared a fish poboy and each had a pistolette (Google search link).  Mine was crawfish and Mrs. Jim's was shrimp.  These have been cooked in an étouffée (Google search link) mixture and poured into a special pastry made just for pistolettes. 

Pictured on the left is half a fish poboy with one bite missing, and our pistolettes. 
The interior of Steamboat Bill's was very informal.

3a. Amazing:  I thought that the makeup resemblance of these two was amazing:  (KP's and that of the cover picture Amazon young lady's).

KP likes to go to Children's Night at our local McDonalds.  This is a weekly feature, one of the things she really likes is getting her face painted.  Here she is an Indian Princess.  We all like Thursday nights, Happy Meals for KP are $1.99 then.

3b. Amazing:  I find it amazing that one of these creatures in my picture above would stay put for the most of the day:  Guess which one?
(Click on the picture for a larger sized view.  Click again, it might get larger still.)  (Highlight the blank area below to find the correct answer)

Answer: Not the man walking.  It is the white bird, an egret I think, at the edge of the pond.  It will stay all day looking for a fish.  Most of the time a fish won't show up but I often see it grabbing something passing by.  The little lake/pond empties as it is a part of our drainage system for flood control.
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The Fine Print:
 - Teresa of 
Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's Hunt.  Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm.

You have plenty of time to enter as you can get the letter and the other two requested topics as early as Monday, posted in her sidebar at its top.

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It's a bird. Is it an egret? I think so.

I always love all your food. I'd love to have both the hotdog and your lunch out. Sounds delicious.

Have a fabulous day Jim. ☺
Jen, I think Mary at 93 looks amazing and it is wonderful that you can still get out and about in her car. The make up on that little girl is also amazing. I think it was very clever of you to put the answer in the way like that I don't know how you do that but I'd like to
Love the egret picture - what a great spot for it to get some good meals! I don't see egrets here but I do see herons, and they sometimes stay in the same spot for hours as well. A beautiful picture of Mrs. Jim and her cousin - they look very elegant.
Hi Jim! It's been a long time. Wanted to leave you a note and also visit your blog. I enjoyed seeing Mrs. Jim and read about your 3b. Hope you are doing great!
It looks likes an egret to me. I thought it was trick question so I picked the guy. hahaha. That's a lovely photo of Mrs. Jim and Mary, who does not look at all in her 90s.
Bias aside for being my niece, Loren sure does make a cute princess!

Every once in a while, an egret will show up strutting around in my neighborhood here in South Houston. We have no body of water, no streams, nothing to attract one. We can't figure it out. But your little walking park/drainage are sure looks inviting.
I have an aunt that is almost 90, and she too gets around just fine. I hope I am as healthy as she is at 90. And I bet the Sandy Patti concert was great. I love listening to her sing! Your lunch looks great too....
I'd love to get to Acadiana or the Big Easy to get a real Po Boy - I cannot imagine getting a true one in Southern New England. I'd say egret, although I am not an official birder :)
I especially love the last picture, it looks so "holiday" !
That face painting is so fun! Love the last image. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

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