Friday, January 20, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.03 -- "C" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of January 20th:  (1) Starts with C; (2) Week's Favorite; and  (3) Odd Angle.

(1) Starts with "C": "C" is for Cake and Candles.  Here is KP with her Half Birthday Cake.  She was seven and a half years old this week.  Here KP was mulling over her choices for the half birthday wish.
Note:  A Half Birthday Cake is only half a cake.  This one is Chocolate.

"C" is also for Chili Relleno.  I had two, a week apart.
The one on the left was from, this week.  We went to the La Finca Mexican Restaurant on the FM Hwy 1093 in Richmond, Texas (mailing address Katy, Texas). 

On the right is my last week's second plate from Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Magnolia, Texas.  This one was best though they charged another $1.00 for the Charo beans.


(2) Week's Favorite: Again "C" is for Cake and Candles.  KP's mom, Karen, also had a half birthday this week, not the same day as KP. 

KP was feeling frisky in this picture. 

Karen's cake was Angel Food with the top half hollowed out and filled with StrawberriesLite Cool Whip is the frosting, all perfect for people watching their eating or food plan.

(3) Odd Angle: My picture of the front of this Jeep didn't turn out.  Neither did the pink trim in various parts of the Jeep show good in this picture.   

With all that pink, it even had a pink logo written on the hood (bonnet), I believe it belonged to a lady but I couldn't see the driver.  We were both driving when I took this picture.  she had less traffic than I did.

The picture WAS at a terrible slant, but I straightened it before I found out the Teresa wanted a slanted picture this week. 

I couldn't take it straight because I was driving.  Mrs. Jim doesn't really like me doing that and she was riding with me.  Some of my readers have questioned this practice also.  But it's okay, I'm careful, and skillful.

_ _ _ _ 

The Fine Print:
 - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's Hunt.  Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm." 

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Have to tell you, Tex-Mex in Texas looks delicious! KP looks adorable and deserves the cake of her choice!
Now come on, shouldn't the sweet girl have 7 1/2 cakes? Sounds like birthday time in your family. You drive and take pictures at the same time? Ain't that illegal? Stay out of jail this week.
Jim I am surprised at you driving and trying totake a shot at the same time, very dangerous to you and others. I have never heard of anoyone clecbrating 1/2 a birthday before. Do they get presents then as well? I hope you have a great week ahead and keep death OFF the roads!!
Such happy moments to savor forever. Thanks for the many priceless pictures chronicling our growing family.
What I want to know is who ate my half of the cake, Jim? :) What a nice idea. Now let me see... I'll be 68 and a half in June. Any chance of another cake :) KP looks quite the young lady. Look after yourself!
I love Mexican food. We have so many here in California. Tex-Mex can even be better if done right.

KP is adorable and I love the half cake idea. Brilliant.

Have a fabulous day, Jim. Hello to Mrs. Jim. ☺
Happy half birthday to KP! The half-a-cake idea is great. My half birthday is exactly 1 week after my father's birthday, and 1 week before my mother's birthday, so when I was younger, we used to celebrate it because of it's unusual timing. We didn't do half cakes though, so I missed out! Don't worry about my squirrel and pheasant fighting - they don't really fight properly. The squirrel takes a run for the pheasant's feet, and the pheasant jumps up in the air. The squirrel will "yell" for a few seconds, then run away. Then the process starts again. They never actually seem to touch each other. It's just a display of territorialism, I think. When I lived in Iowa, I worked in Johnston, which is just north of Des Moines. I had to live within commuting distance of work, so I had my sheep farm in Van Meter, Iowa, which is kind of southwest of Des Moines, but not very far outside. I still have a lot of friends there. :)
Love the 1/2 cake for 1/2 birthday! That angel food and strawberry sounds wonderful, but chocolate would be too hard to pass up! Maybe Mrs. Jim could take some of those pictures while you drive; be extra careful!
I am getting hungry !!
I've never seen or heard of a half-birthday cake before, but I like the idea! May have to start that tradition to bring extra smiles to a few special people! Your chili rellenos looked delicious! That was indeed an odd angle on the original photo, I have been known to take a photo or two that way also, usually of clouds, and never in traffic. I know you have the good sense to be careful! Wishing you a great week ahead!
How fun to celebrate the half birthdays! That chocolate cake looks yummy. Heck, they both do! It's been a while since I've done the photography while driving, but sometimes you just have to. ;-) Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!
Oh my goodness, I keep thinking I want to go back to doing the Alphabe! I have missed visiting you.I like those half birthday cakes. Less calories hee hee! I don't like the changes blogger has made. Makes me miserable. I use to be able to see the daily shares and it doesn't pop up any more. We love Mexican food so chili rellenos sounds delightful. I am getting ready to run to the store. We are going to have tacos tonight! I like the highway photo too. It is hard to catch moving traffic at the right moment. I need to bring out my big camera when I am out and about. The phone fills up too quickly and I spend so much time removing my photos. Good to see you and hope you and Mrs. Jim have a terrific week!

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