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Friday's Hunt for the week of February 2nd: (1) Starts with "E"; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Personal

(1) Starts with "E":  "E" is for "Ear".  I've always wanted a Big Ear, especially a couple of years ago when we lived with the golf course butting adjacent to our back yard.  That way, behind a curtain, I could tune in on the neighbors within eyesight and pick up their conversations.  Sports announcers use the Big Ear to listen in on football huddles, coaches pep talk to a pitcher who's not doing so well, etc. 

Speaking of ears, my ears are not as sensitive to sound as they used to be.  And my ears have been ringing 60 years.  I blame a lot on the U.S. Army, going to the firing ranges while not wearing ear protectors.  Nobody did, but my ears have been ringing ever since that time.

I'm about ready for hearing aids.  Here is a link, click here, to a Big Ear for purchase if you want to buy one.  Let me know if you get one and please invite me to come try it out.  Thanks.
Jailed man picture: Nicolas Fouquet and replica
prison cell are in the Vaux-le-Vicomte cellar.
 post. click on picture to enlarge)
Photo Copyright © 2010 Jimmiehov  All Rights Reserved 

(2) Week's Favorite:  Back in Jail.  I'll be fed okay so don't worry about me although it may be cold where they take me.  I may not answer your comments until I am released.

This on the right isn't jail. (click here to read my 2010 escapade)  Hint, the view outside my cell window looks like this picture on the left.
(3) Personal:  [Christmas Day, Punta Arenas, Chile (more)]  "Standin' on the Corner," (1956, Dean Martin) Waitin' for a bus" in Punta Arenas.  We had arranged for a fellow with a large van to take us around the town for three hours.  It would be $20, others were charging $30.  But the fellow never showed up.  Good thing we hadn't paid in advance.

While we were waiting a group had came into the visitor center who had arranged a small bus.  He was charging $15 for four hours and was hoping to get a couple more people to help make a fuller load.  We took him up and he left with us all.

I will show you with pictures below the lay of the land in Punta Arenas.  Punta Arenas is a peninsula sticking out into the Magellan Strait.  Next week I will have some glacier pictures we took while going through the Strait.


This nice cemetery had a tree that Neither Mrs. Jim or I could identify.  You might help. [Oh yes, click on any picture to make it larger]

Fort Bulnes has been reconstructed on its original site, a Peninsula of Chile bordered on the south by the Magellan Strait.  Our $15 mini-bus ride also took us out there.  That was very pleasant.

This all happened on Christmas day.  Most unusual for us.

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What a wonderful way to spend Christmas Day that looks great fun and all for $15 for four hours. Well I don't think it better that you did well there. I had to laugh at the jail photographs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend
I think you got a really good deal for $15, Jim! I loved all the photographs - it's always interesting to see a part of the world that I've never visited. Definitely an unusual Christmas Day, but certainly memorable. I was amused to see that we both chose "ear" for the letter E, although we each took it in a different direction. Mrs. Jim looks especially lovely in that shade of green. Hope you have a great week ahead!
I love spending the holidays doing something different. This would fit that bill nicely. Great fun.

Have a fabulous day Jim. ☺
thanks for sharing so much I enjoyed my visit with you today and learned much as well.
come see us at
When I don't show, I only charge $10, give me a call next time.
I've been wearing hearing aids for over eight years now, going on my second pair of high-dollar but very effective ones. Everything is very muffled if I don't have them, and some things I can't hear at all. You will be amazed at how much more you hear, do it! :-) You had such a wonderful adventure on this recent trip! What a unique way to spend Christmas! I'd say you got your $15 worth and then some. Loved the photos!
I have a certain ringing in my ears too, but mine is from too many years of tending bar with loud music. I am really enjoying all of your travel pictures. It makes me want to pack up and leave the farm for a vacation. Of course, I can never last more than a couple days before I am homesick for all my animals. I guess I'll just have to keep enjoying yours. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week.
I thought "big ears" were only in spy movies! Sorry to hear you have had ringing ears for so long. The trees are a mystery to me, as well. Quite unusual! The price was certainly right for your exploring expedition. I hope your get sprung from "jail" quickly!
First, if you are in Chile, I hope you are having a great time! No earthquakes! Second, my ears too ring! Agh! And I was never even in army--but rode a lot of trains! Take care, thanks for kind comments. all best, k.

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