Friday, May 26, 2017

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Friday's Hunt for the week of May 26th: (1) Starts with U; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Kids

(3) Kids:  At least once a week we have been privileged to walk our KP to school.  Sometimes, mostly with cold or bad weather we drive her.  She likes to walk with the neighbor kids.  She was walking with a close friend and her mother on this day.  The neighbor's little brother was dilly-dallying along behind or I would have had him in the picture also.

I was trying to get a good morning shadow picture when I took this.

(1) Starts with "U": "Unglued" is a seven letter word starting with "Un".  There are 355 of these seven letter starters, this is one that only gets you nine points in Scrabble. 

Most "Un" words and many of the plain "U" words have an opposite by dropping the prefix.  A few like "Upload" (I'm uploading this when I finish--actually also every time I "save" during composition) will have for opposite another prefixed word like here, "Download".

Unglued definition per Google (Link)

(2) Week's Favorite: We had a nasty storm with several smallish tornados around our area this week.  After one hard day of hail and winds we had this lovely Rainbow make and appearance over the homes behind us. 

I almost got "Unglued" while trying to "Upload" my picture.  
This one isn't the one that I was trying to "Upload", instead of
Screen Printing it to Picasa I accidently hit the Delete button. 
That picture was much better than this one.
(4A little lagniappe for "U":  I found this comic for some reason, I am not sure what.  It sort of fits here, a couple is getting "Unfriended

And Dagwood is dreaming about food.  Do you think that Dagwood is on Facebook?  I didn't try to find out but I am thinking his syndication is.
(Lagniappe Google definition link)

Did you know that Unfriend is not a word for Second Graders.  KP missed getting her deserved grade when she used Unfriend in a sentence.  Her teacher counted that answer as bad, not credit.  Seems she doesn't subscribe to Google: 
Google definition of Unfriend (Link)

Do you think "Unfriend" is a real English vocabulary word? 
Best answer:  We asked "Oxford".  (click here to find out)
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The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's Hunt. Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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...when it comes to "U" my friend "U" left little "U"ncovered. The neighbor's little brother was dilly-dallying, I can relate to this. A rainbow is always a favorite. See "U" for "V"?
Dilly dallying was once used often. Not so much anymore. I use it sometimes.

Loved the lesson on words and KP should have been given credit for unfriend. It's a word that is used often.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
I suppose the official phrase would be "removed from my list of friends" or something of that nature. Seems a bit harsh for 2nd grade! Do you and Mrs. Jim play a lot of Scrabble? My parents enjoy it, as do I. I don't often have time to play it these days. A lovely picture of the rainbow - I am glad you were not affected by the tornadoes. We used to get those in Iowa as well, but not here. However, we sometimes get the tail end of hurricanes going up the east coast, and those can be quite devastating.
What a great rainbow photo! The shadows are nice, too.

I would be irritated with that teacher. Just because we didn't grow up with a particular word doesn't make it any less a viable word. While some words maybe shouldn't be words (because they shouldn't be in anyone's vocabulary!), I think this one is a current, modern word in common usage. I think that she should have gotten the points for her sentence.

The comics that you shared are great, especially the Beetle Bailey one.

My Friday Hunt post is here.

Have a blessed day!

I would have guessed yes since slang and social media keep creating words. The OED is the definitive dictionary, she should have gotten credit. How about, "unfair" as her next word.
You managed well to put the memes together !
As a teacher, I would accept unfriend. If nothing else it's the vernacular if not proper English. I always enjoyed Beetle Bailey. The rainbow image is lovely. Hope you didn't have damage with the storms passing through.

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