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My Alphabe-Thursday (5th), the letter "T" — Some places I've be,en starting with "T"

"T" is for some places, countries and cities starting with the letter "T" where I have traveled:
 - Countries: 
Turkey -- Stopped at Istanbul for a couple of days on a Princess cruise in August, 2013.  I blogged quite a bit about that, you could look here if you missed the older posts.  It is a nice place to visit, fun and historical sites abound.
 - States (I've been to all fifty states)
Tennessee -- My brother-in-law and his wife live in Jackson, Tennessee, but we don't get to visit them very often.
Texas -- I live in Texas, 50 miles north of the Houston P.O.  Where the hills begin. 
 - Large Cities over 100,000 population I've liked:
 - United States: (larger to smaller)
Tucson, Arizona -- 
Tulsa, Oklahoma -- 

Tampa, Florida -- 
Tacoma, Washington --
Tallahassee, Florida --
Topeka, Kansas --
Tekamah, Nebraska, with only 1736 population (Google Search link)
Towcester, U.K, with a population of 9,252 (Wikipedia Link)
 - Foreign
Tallinn, Estonia --
Tokyo, Japan --
Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada --
Turin, Italy --

Towcester, U.K, with only a population of 9,252 (Wikipedia Link). We have friends living there that we visit or they came to visit us when we were visiting our kids who lived in London for five years. 
I'll tell of one of these times, in August, 2013, we visited with these friends, Graham and Marion, in Towcester, Northampshire (U.K.).  We stayed two days there. 
We couldn't decide which was the best, their wonderful hospitality, all of the sights they showed us, or all of the good British foods they made or led us to. 
[You can make any picture larger by clicking on it.]
This picture was taken while we had a lunch break.  We were visiting at the Althorp (Wikipedia link), a fine manor home now owned by  Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer since 1992.  It was Princess Diana's childhood home as well.  
_ _ _

Next, I'll pick Turin, Italy.  We had rented a car at Milan, Italy and were on our way up to St. Remy, Province for about a week.
Back then in 2006 it was $5.584 per gallon for diesel.
We averaged 40 plus miles per gallon w/ a Ford Focus 1.4 liter SUV diesel.
[The one we rented in Milan, Italy, on April 2, 2006. This is it, parked beside the 2006 Winter Olympic Stadium in Turin, Italy. Click on pictures to enlarge them.]
On the way up we drove through Stessa, Italy, on Lake Maggiore.
.[Click picture for full screen view] [And here for a very large picture]
We spent the afternoon here, Lake Maggiore at Stresa, Italy,
the mountains across the lake are in Switzerland.
Tekamah, Nebraska, is a small town where I finished my high schooling. It is about fourteen miles northeast of Dad's farm, where I was born and grew up. 
In July, 2008, a group of us bloggers attended Blogstock '08 which was held on Cliff Morrow's farm outside of Tekamah.  We all participated with a Blogstock '08 float in the Tekamah July 4th Parade. 
Cliff's daughter owns this pretty horse.  It was the first time in many years that I rode a horse and was the last one so far.  Thank you Julie and Cliff.

During the first day we worked on the float and the second day was Friday, July 4, for our parade.

  [large picture] [super sized]
Four dozen plus two golf balls given us by our cousin, John, of Tekamah. John walks a lot and when his walk is at the cemetery beside the golf course, he finds many 'out of bound' balls.

Thank you, John. And Cliff, you might identify one of these (golf rule number one, identify your ball).

At any rate is 'finders keeper' rule for our family and John graciously gave us these balls that he had found.

Now, Mrs. Jim and I will play 'one for me, one for you' with the NIKE and Callaway balls. Then Mrs. Jim will take what she wants and I can have those she doesn't want.

Something that did stay in Nebraska
............................ [large picture] [super size]
We worked hard to make this poster (aren't my home drawn stars beautiful!) and similar mate, then left both of them in Cliff's truck. We aren't sure whether or not he will save it for us or give them to a cousin. We would liked to have had them to show Adi. Maybe she has looked at the blog. I hope so.  Adi died in 2013 (Adi retiring)
[large picture] [super size]Here we have your favorite blog writers standing by our 4th of July parade float. If you had a crush on one, take a good look using super size to make sure you are still in love!

From left to right (click a blog title link to view that blog):
Janell of
One Square Mile

Cliff of Cliff Morrow's Blog
Ralph of Homespun Headlines
Desiree of Believe,Live Well,Laugh Often & Love Much

LZ Blogger (a.k.a. Jerry) of LAZY Blogger

Jerry of Back Home Again
Rachel of Sliding through life
Jamie Dawn of Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather
Nora of chez pez
Jim of JIM'S LITTLE BLOG, JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO PLACE (has Wordless Wednesday posts), and Ask Dr. Jim (blog)

Not in the picture:
Driving the float, Dan of
Dan's Everyday Observations
Coming in the afternoon
John of
The Changelog
Terrah of Forest of the Plains
(Note:  Some of these are not blogging now.  Others have moved to Facebook, a few still do both [like I do].
Sold the Farm, Visited Cliff Morrow
House where I was born, map of the farm, Herman, and Tekamah
 - Jenny is now on her tenth series of Alphabe Thursday.  With 52 weeks in a year and 26 letters in the alphabet she is now in her fifth year.  I am linked to her blog, GO HERE for more participants and their offerings.

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