Saturday, October 15, 2016

October is ... another Saturday poem

[Texas Lighthouse at Point Bolivar]
October is a cow, a female cow
She will moo for you and make you a shake
You have no choice but for you to rejoice
October is a pig, big old spoiled boar
He won't pay you never mind so you think
Walk past him quickly, he is gonna grunt
October is a baby chick, come quick
see how fast it learns, today tries to crow
Tomorrow it is to scratch, dig for worm
October is all the pets on my farm
Donkey Don, Billy goat, Cilly sheep, Shep
I've named them all, won't bore you with no more
Well except just one more, my favorite
October is my trusty horse, my love
Harley cares for me, nuzzles and gives me rides
_ _ _ _ 
Photos and Poem copyright, © 2016 Jimmiehov, All rights reserved
I'm linked with at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,
October in the Chair -
Bonus fact, the only truth here, my birthday is in October, near Halloween

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Friday, October 14, 2016

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.2.16 -- "P" is for ... [sign says]

Friday's Hunt for the week of October 14th: (1) Starts with "P"; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Whole:

1. Starts with "P":  Sign on the road said, "Pick your own Pumpkins."

Sure, you can pick from one of these or from any of those below.  Also there are other's inside with the vegetables.  Pumpkins are my favorite vegetable, baked in a pie.  We first heard of that ruse in Vermont, south a bit from Stowe.  Only it was apples this time, with a big sign before out on the road of course.

(2)  Week's favorite:  Do you have your Pneumonia shot yet?  People over 60 should get one every five years.  When I first started getting them it was every ten years.  This was my first year for that five year thing. 
 (3) Whole:  I can't believe I ate the Whole Thing

There is a new Mexican restaurant across the street from the subdivision where we live before moving.  Mrs. Jim and I stopped there to eat a bite.  So we ordered off the 'Lunch Menu.' 

Mrs. Jim and I each ordered the same plate.  Actually we got two plates for a total of four.  I had a beef taco and a guacamole salad on one and the other was two chicken enchiladas, rice, and a small bowl of beans charro.  Before these came we munched on Corn Chips with sauce from three smaller bowls.    That was all for $5.99.  And since they didn't have their liquor license yet, drinks were free also.  The food was great!!

(4)  Bonus:  I generally have a car of some kind.  On our trip to Louisiana last weekend we came up on this vehicle full of little green aliens from another planet. 

Click on it to get it large enough to see the green aliens inside.  Some days they hide.
_ _ _ _ _

The Fine Print:
 - Teresa of 
Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's Hunt.  Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."  You have plenty of time to enter as you can get the letter and the other two requested topics as early as Monday.  That is in her sidebar.

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