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Weekend Roundup -- 12-18(b) (for letter "L") -- Reflections too

The 37th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "L"; (2) A Favorite;  (3)  Lonely; and (4) Reflections

 [L o i s  and her Hub sitting on the bench by the U.S. Flag]
(1) Starts with "L":  Little starts with "L".  The picture above (click it a couple of times to make it larger) is of my Little Sister, L o i s, sitting on the bench wearing a white sweat shirt.  She and her Hub had been visiting Duluth earlier this week and were waiting for a ship to come through the Canal.  (Not like our Port of Houston where a ship comes every few minutes, sometimes in a train or lined up waiting for their turn to come in or go out.) (L o i s in my Blog link)

[Vauxhall, London, U.K. Animal farm visit.  I think we walked there from the Kid's high rise flat on the river.  KP loved the farm animals -- Vauxhall Search blog link]

[KP was three when we visited Peppa Pig Land in 2012 -- Fun for kids and grown ups]

(1) Starts with "L":  London also starts with "L".  It is my favorite go to place, follow by Paris.  Been to both quite a few times, first in 199x, last in 2014,  That was when our younger daughter, KP, and SIL came home to stay.  My blog search, London -- See London Labels below for more

[click large size to read the sign][super size]
[to read this Birthday post, click here]
[Did she eat it all?]
[check here to read the story and more]
(2) A Favorite:  These are my two favorite pictures of L o i s, my favorite sister, on my blog.  There are more though, she is on my blog a lot.  BTW, I only have one sister, no brothers. 
All posts using the label, "L o i s", please click.

[click picture for larger view -- click again for extra large]

(3)  Lonely:  Lonely Single Bananas -- the sign was a surprise at the fruit and vegetable section of our local Kroger store.

(4) Reflections: Louisiana has an Alligator Island Show where you can get close to the critters without them trying to chase you down.

Alligator Park is located in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  See and read more, click here.  It's on the way to see Mrs. Jim's sister who lives in Farmerville, Louisiana, so I'm sure if we live long enough we will stop either coming or going. Louisiana sampling link

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