Friday, May 17, 2019

Letter "T" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The 20th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
- the Letter "T" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with "T"; (B) A Favorite; (C) Tall; and (D) Reflection(s).

(A) Starts with "T":  Teddy Bear starts with "T".  This is mostly a collection leftover here from our youngest daughter's Toy Chest.  Probably none would be an antique, but the most precious, vintage 1920 plus or minus a few years, was given to Adi (our deceased Beagle dog) who shook it to death.

My sister, Lois, does repair them (blog search, Lois).

(B) A Favorite: South Africa native plants, the Agapanthus, Lillie of the Nile. We planted our Salty old Lillie of the Nile plant around the turn of the century, the prime and first bloomer is almost 20 years old. The rest have grown from the spreading under the soil Tubers.
[Click on any picture for larger view, click again for larger still]
These are around 40 inches tall, the stemmed bloom, book says they get between 18 inches and 48 inches Tall (link).

(C) Tall: Most people know that "everything is bigger and taller and longer in Texas." I probably wouldn't have to put a picture since you know that but now and then I like to show off. This is a statue of Sam Houston, the first President of Texas back when we were our own separate country.

One of my first cousins, there used to be nine of us on Dad's side, were visiting that 2006 year and we needed to reinforce the impression of largeness so we went here. It is just off Interstate Hwy 45 coming into Houston from the north.

(D) Lagniappe and Reflection(s).  Another "T", "Toyota Truck" starts with "T".

Also there is a hard to see Reflection in the back window, of the Bonaire Tourists near us.  "Bonaire (is) an island municipality of the Netherlands (which) lies off Venezuela’s coast in the southern Caribbean. (Google search, "Bonaire")

Note:  I've decided those two folk likely, especially in light of the boat, may be what we can see through the back window rather than reflections.  My copout, I really did think that they were reflections.  Just in case though, there are some miserly Reflections in the truck windows, the side one is best.  And our ship is out in the water to my back.

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- I am also linked this week with James at Weekend Reflections, my Reflections Photo. 
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