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The Letter "Y" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The fifty-first issue this week of my WEEKEND ROUNDUP postings and ... (THE TWENTY-FIFTH  LETTER FOR THIS SERIES) - the Letter "Y" Prompts are: (A) Starts with the Letter "Y"; (B) "Yellow" (Tom's Choice); (C) A Favorite; (D) Reflections; and (E) A Lagniappe.

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(A.1)  Starts with "YYear starts with the letter "Y".  This is Mrs. Jim's Christmas Cactus blooming very nicely for Christmas This Year, the best it's bloomed so far.   

(A.2) Starts with "Y":   YVNE Starts with the letter "Y".  YVNE is ENVY spelled backwards and is spelled by the little duck in the bottom right of this card.  Had we exchanged BDay cards this year this is the one she would have picked for me.  My birthday was in October.

I had seen a rack with Yellow Stocking Hats at the Love Truck Stop station where we parked going to Baton Rouge Wednesday, see my last picture below, but when I came out of the Men's room I discovered that I had left my smart phone camera in the car.  

So no Yellow Stocking Hat picture this year, probably none ever ever. 

(B.1) "Yellow" (Tom's Choice):   I saw this Yellow Jeep and turned around in the lane to get its picture. 

(B.2)  I followed this Yellow Camaro a bit yesterday.  Just about the time I went into a parking lot to take a picture of the Yellow Jeep above the Yellow Camaro got into the left turn lane and I could have been beside it for a better picture.

Adi is retiring from Pet Partners

(C) A FavoriteAdi, my Beagle Dog, will always be my favorite.  She was Young when I got her from our daughter, we soon became buddies, even so far as forming a Pet Therapy Team together.  She is also a co-writer on this blog (Adi's meme ).  Adi died in 2013 of old age.

(D) Reflections:  Sorry,  there isn't a reflection picture here.  But I think they aren't appreciated very much anyway by the other folk posting them.  They really don't visit around.

A Lagniappe.  Mrs. Jim's 100-year-old cousin Mary died this Monday.  Her funeral was this Thursday in Baton Rouge.  It is 298 miles from our house in the west near I-10, so we stayed there overnight Wednesday as it was too far to drive early in the morning and then back that same evening
Mary was still driving, teaching her Sunday school class, and nurturing her neighbors with her friendly manor, her help for them, and for being a nice friend. 
[click on picture for larger view, click again for larger view still]

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Bonus Questions:

(1)  What would you say that the average lifespan in years runs in your family? "Do you have an expectation?"   My father lived to be 97, Mom died at age 89, my average of these two would be at 93.  I had expected to be blind by age 85 but I now think that won't happen, possibly older still though.

(2) What is your favorite Word with an  "Y"?  Mine today will be "either 'You' or 'Yogurt'", I really do like "Yellow", especially on motor vehicles to watch, not to own.  But since Tom requested that we use it and that I have used it several times before as my "Y" Word I will skip it for this year.  I am not a big Yogurt eater, I'd rather have ice cream, but I do like for You to be reading my blogs.  Right now I am running

Jim's Little Blog,

Jim's Little Photo and Picture Place,

Jim's little Christmas tree farm,, and  

Ask Dr. Jim (blog),

(3) Anything else here you would like to tell about?   I would have liked to have posted a picture of a Yellow School Bus parking lot but was driving by the right time to catch a picture when most were parked there.  Another time soon I will post a Yellow School Bus field at one of the schools. 

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 Fine print stuff: 

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