Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Winter views from my Texas back porch -- midwest snow

Or why I live in Texas. On the golf course.

Take a close look here. Before you move on a golf course lot, read the fine print in the club rules. "Golfers are responsible for all windows they break." When we came home from church, one of the back windows looked like this. Do you thing anybody left a note or notified the pro shop? Of course ____.

[click picture for large size, click runza for super size]

Saturday morning after a nighttime storm with a couple of inches of rain.

Sunday morning, not a cloud in the sky!

Monday morning with frost on the golf course. Temps got down to 26, the lowest of the year so far.

Nebraska on a snowy morning. Temps were not cold this day, they were in the upper 20's.

{click here for better (??) picture}

Jim W. did the driving in his car today. I am out of practice getting through the falling snow. We had to stop two times to clear the windshield wipers.

Up the street from the Blair (Nebraska) MacDonald's on a snowy morning. We would end up with about six inches before the snow stopped coming down.

The next day was the day of the farm auction. The roads were clear and everyone who wanted to come was able to get there.

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Nice shots. It must be nice tomback on to a golf course (except for the stray balls) Nebraska looks cold though! Happy WW
How I love pics of the sky :D
I think that same storm ended up hitting us here in Connecticut. It was a nuisance.
Beautiful photos. Happy WW.
Great pics, and what a cool place to live! Happy WW, and happy holidays!
You live on a golf course!? Wow. I do worry about flying golf balls though.
Nebraska looks too cold for me. hehe....
What a lovely place. Paradise for a golfer, I imagine, Jim!
Great shots! The golf course is beautiful. Happy WW!
It's beautiful, lovely blue skies.

Yup - Blair NE has looked like that for about 4 Saturdays in a row. We're expecting more this coming Saturday, too. I can see why you like living where you do. Beautiful pictures!
Note to self: No not move to Nebraska! Have a great day. :)
Great pics...what a contrast:) Happy WW.
Nebrasks would be TOO cold for me!!
I'd have to wear three pairs of long underwear under my cothing all winter long.
Your Texas back yard looks nice. Those golfers did not have very good aim since I'm sure your back window is NOT on the green.
At first, that crack in the window looked like a cord hanging down. My eyes played tricks on me.
Love the changing skies and seasons.
Well Jim, you covered two of my favorite places in one post - golf courses and Nebraska.
That snow is pretty Jim, but I'll bet you don't miss it down there in TX!!
Your backyard looks like a paradise! How one forgets how to drive in the snow until one is driving in the snow again. We need four wheel drive or studded tires now to get in and out of my neighborhood.
That picture of Nebraska is one of the main reasons I live in Texas too. (of course, I was born here and never left.) I think I would rather put up with all the rain than have to worry about snow and power outages in one of the northern states. I have a friend that just moved to Ohio and she doesn't even have a fireplace in her house. Can you imagine what it will be like when the power goes out. I tried to tell her that she could get a Franklin stove for around $ 300.00 and have emergency back up heat....I hope she listens to me.

I like your golf course. I live near the Northgate golf course and I can only imagine how many balls end up going thru windows on those giant houses.

Have a merry Christmas.
Hi Jim, I would love to live on a golf course but would worry about stray golf balls Hope your insurance covers broken windows,,Brrrr I shivered when i saw your temps.. were just gone into Summer and been having very warm days for a few months temps been ranging between 30c,35c=88f 98f.
I wish you and Mrs jim a mosy joyous Christmas with family and friends
I can see why you like Texas. I'd like to visit there someday. Hopefully sooner then later! I'd have to ask my hubby where the TX memeorial is. He would probably know. He's the Civil war buff.
Thanks for sharing your snowy experience! I love when it snows, but I can do without the cold non snowy days...I'd gladly take your golf course location for those.

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