Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, speak up -- Sunday things

First, I heard this cute blonde joke:

Two blondes were nailing shingles onto the roof.

The second blonde noticed the first one was throwing almost half her nails away, down to the ground. She asked of the first why she was throwing so many away.

The first blonde replied that so many of them were turned wrong, away from the roof rather than towards it.

"Silly," retorted the second blonde, "why aren't you saving them for the other side?"

Second, this church sign:

These were the words of Abraham's servant as he reached the region of Paddan Aram, in what is now southern Turkey near the Syrian border. The people living there presently are Kurds and Arameans.

The servant was on a mission, to find a wife for Abraham and Sarah's son, Isaac, who remained back in Israel. After he had finished his travel safely and then discovered the beautiful Rebekah, who was Isaac's distant cousin and future bride for Isaac, the servant gave God the thanks and praise for all this.

"(26) Then the man bowed down, worshiped the LORD, (27) and said, "Praise the LORD, the God of my master Abraham, who has not withheld His kindness and faithfulness from my master. As for me, the LORD has led me on the journey to the house of my master's relatives."" [from
Genesis 24:26-27, Holman Christian Standard Bible]

Third, Adi:

[large picture] [super size]

Adi is doing pretty good now. Her growth was a follicular cyst neoplasm (cancer) benign. That means it was not the bad kind of cancer, but it would continue to grow if not removed. Dr. Hablinski called yesterday to tell me this and to say the biopsy showed it had been removed in its entirety.
[large picture][super size]
(Adi in her double bed)

I take her halo collar off now when I am around, like for short walks and eating and outside goings. Otherwise I can't trust her not to mess with her stitches. They will probably be removed Thursday.

Two observations:

1. The Lord has led me to take very good care of Adi. He has rewarded me with such a nice companion for a pet. I already had a very good wife, the Lord led Mrs. Jim and I together, long before Adi came along.

2. How to be politically correct [with women??]:



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Praise the Lord for Adi that it was benign. That is excellent news for that precious little lady.
So Pleased Adi was given a good bill of health. She does look rather sad with her Halo collar. She would suffer more if she were able to remove her sutures as we all know.
Mrs Jim's scones looked very nice, did you notice I took one whilst you were not looking.
Cheers Margaret
Dear Jim,
good news about Adi. I can easily see how she applies to your better self.

From the pics I take it that Mrs. Jim and I are born about the same shade of blond.
I guess the most POLITE word to put it, is that we're(or I'm) helping nature keeping the same colors given us by birth.
Don't you mess about with my birth-rights, Sir!

As for nails i always find them a polite breed. They tend to bow when I knock them.

Have a good day in church,
From Felisol
Ah... Yes Jim... my wife is Blonde! How else would she have gotten stuck with me? Iowa IS where the excitement starts. I am still waiting for it to start though! May be I'll try the Quad Cities next... may be it will start THERE! ~ jb///
Hi Jim ~~ Good news about Adi and you must be so relieved.Good blonde joke and the church sign was funny or could be depending what came next.
I am sorry you were a bit upset at me and my newspaper. We both plead innocent. They were quotes from Billy Connolly who was born and raised in Glasgow. Also, I had a boarder from Glasgow for 3 years and he was one of the British boys
who were sent to Australia and told his parents were dead, As were others. He lived in a boy's home in Shepparton. I loved the way he used to say in his Scottish accent, "How
about a wee cup of tea?"
Take care, Jim, Regards, Merle.
Jim - I've been checking back for Adi updates, ever since I found your blog. I'm happy for everyone, especially Adi, that the news was good and she's on the mend. She looks the epitome of patience and resignation.

So glad you dropped by... very amusing pecan story - who's outwitting who? By the way, did you find my rebuttal to "Simon" on my Grouse and Chortle blog? I try to be "fair and balanced."

About the Blarney stone - my photographer friend and his wife made the climb, but are not in any of the photos. I have more photos of Ireland for later this week.

I found your blog through Ralph's link list and enjoy the humor and cooking. It's like dropping by a friend's house for a visit... and maybe staying for a scone!... Deb
The Lord has led me on the journey to where I am right now. “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” Psalm 16:6
Cute blonde joke Jim!

So glad that they got all of the tumor. I know Adi will be glad to get rid of that halo thing ASAP!! She's so cute!
Glad Adi is doing well. Good joke by the way.
Oh, so Adi will be free from her bondage tomorrow!

I'm so glad all is well with Adi.

You were blessed with Mrs. Jim, then later blessed with Miss Adi. Life is gooood!!

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