Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Jim Bunch eats some more, here are a few pictures and some words

It is time to catch up with some eating pictures that might not otherwise get posted.

You have seen some eating times during this time span, but not these. We ate other times and I have dish pictures, but not people. Then of course, Mrs. Jim cooks a lot and her meals are delicious. So we are not starving at all.

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(March 3)
No table picture here. We were eating at one of our club restaurants with our friend from Maine.
I have been known to have a three-desert dinner, this night it was only these two.

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(March 3)
This is Ahnon from Maine. She was enjoying our South Texas weather, and our nice Texas food. While Ahnon was here, we had the nice buffet at the club, Tex-Mex, seafood, and BBQ.
Mrs Jim cooked a nice meal for Anon and a neighbor widow lady.
We also ate at this club one other time with the two ladies and two other couples.

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(February 23)
You are seeing half of our Bentwater Gourmet Dining Group. The other half was eating in the next room. This year we have fifteen groups of four couples each. We all have the same menu prepared by the menu committee.
We meet at one of the couple homes, doing this three times a year followed by a nice Christmas party where all the groups can get together.

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(February 24)
Here we have some of Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class small group eating a nice Sunday lunch at one of the member couple's home.
We got to sit in their nice dining room.

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(February 24)
The other part were eating out here on the back porch. This couple lives on the lake, you can see the bigger (of two) islands we have. There are still lots for sale on this island if any of you want to move down here.

[large picture] [super size]
(February 27)
Here we have us three teachers and the department chairperson for our Sunday school class.
We met at the Garden Cafe in Conroe for a planning meeting.
Would you guess I'm the youngest here?
Left to right, a retired Baptist missionary, a corporation CEO and founder, me (education, college professor), and a cardiovascular surgeon. All of are retired.

[large picture] [super size]
(March 3)
Now the fun bunch. We meet at homes with this group and another once a month to play the domino game, 42 (link).
Until we retired we did not know how to play 42, even though it is the Number One Texas table game.
Again, all of us are retired.

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Dear Jim,
You don't descend from the little village Kinghorn in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, do you?
I shall never forget vacationing there some 30 years ago.
Three Norwegian girl in a shop. Suddenly the doors were locked and the proprietor said with an explaining gesture, "One's got to eat you know.!"
Luckily he wasn't that hungry. We got out alive.
The inhabitants sure preferred eating before business. I've later experienced that same in the Gaeltracht in Ireland.
Well, people taking care of their primary need are in harmony with themselves.
But where does Mrs. Jim lut her food?
In a doggy bag for Adi?
Jim, what a convivial group you have there! It's marvelous! Those desserts look delish! I'd be a 3-dessert person myself! I'm back blogging - my cable company came through and restored my internet access! It was terrible being without a connection! Aargh!
All I can say is there doesn't seem to a lack of food or friends- really, does it get any better than that?
Hi Jum ~~ It seems to me the Jim Bunch eat out a lot and the food and the folks they eat with are all great
Glad you enjoyed the jokes and feel free to copy any for your happy blog.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hi again Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments and I am glad you like the bird hotel - the birds are a bit wary yet. There are quite a few blackbirds, who whistle beautifully
and also nest in my Wisteria at the back door, plenty of sparrow, a fair few pigeons, the odd magpie and a few others at times. The fairy garden needs some work, but it's been too hot. Take care, Best Wishes, Merle.
Hi Jim!! Looks like everyone is enjoying the food and the company! You have a great life!!!

I loved reading about Herman Park too. Very nice!!! Love the train!

I see you have been keeping busy while I had my visitor from England. I'm trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs now.
My dad was a big fan of 42. He loved to play it and he did often. Jim, it's a wonder you don't weigh 300lbs. with all that eating that you do. One of my down falls is that I love to eat....I bet Adi gets lots of "doggie"
I enjoy seeing pics of all the people, but after the photos of those two desserts, my mind was just a blur.
That looks like custard or creme brulee on the right there, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE both, so it doesn't matter which it was. I'm too full for dessert right now, but if those two desserts were in front of me right this minute, I would probably be guilty of the sin of gluttony. It's a good thing those desserts are no where near me!!

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