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Post for Saturday - Sunday - Monday (maybe)


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Yesterday (Saturday) I was on the computer a lot. First I had to finish my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow. It is all about Jacob and his trouble getting his wife, Rachel. Did you know that he had to marry her sister, Leah, first. After working for seven years for their uncle thinking it was to earn Rachel. So then he had to work seven more years to earn Rachel.

Did you have a problem with "their uncle?" Yes, that is correct, Jacob and his wives were cousins. Read all about it in Genesis 29-31,
click here.

Mrs. Jim and our friend visiting from Maine were shopping. While they were out, I shopped too! On eBay. I spent a lot more than Mrs. Jim did.

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And Adi? She was my helper again. Both of us would rather have been down off the balcony and hitting our golf ball along with this fellow.

Before Mrs. Jim left, we read the paper. A couple of great items caught my attention. First was the 'joke of the day,' "He had a photographic memory that was never developed."

Second item,
this cartoon (click) showing the artist's conception of blogging before the Al Gore had invented the Internet.


How about a church sign?

This sign reminded me of the little fellow who had loaves and fishes in his basket. It had been a long day, Jesus had been preaching longer than Billy Graham does that day. There was a huge crowd and everyone had gotten really hungry, but the only person with foresight to bring supper was this kid with his basket of loaves and fishes.

Jesus said to the kid, "Don't be greedy, pass your basket around!" That reminded me of the Methodist coffee house in Huntsville, Alabamah, I visited one day (in my hippy days a long time ago).

We all sat on the floor, around the room leaning on the walls. After a bit someone broke out a bottle of wine and they began passing them around till they were empty.

Those three bottles lasted us all night, somehow they never became empty. And there were twelve full bottles left over when we were ready to leave! Too bad we didn't have some pizza with anchovies in the basket also. That would have been good passed around going with the wine.

Oh well, just read about how Jesus did his thing to get enough bread and fish for the huge crowd, starting with just that one little basket. It's in
Matthew 14:13-18

Monday, maybe:

I would like to go to Orange, Texas. There is a new garden over there sitting on 252 Texas-sized acres, called the Shangri Law Botanical Gardens. I see I can't do that, because it is open Tuesday through Sunday. Unless they are having a dress rehearsal Monday. That is a long way to drive to find out I couldn't get in. I'd better pay bills and clean up around here, and play a little golf in the afternoon.
About Shangri La
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Well, I'm off to bed now. Be sure to set your clock ahead an hour or you may be late for church tomorrow. It sure seems early to go to bed but we have set our clocks ahead early!

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Dear Jim,
oh, you are a Sunday school teacher!
Isn't that marvelous.All the Sunday school teachers I've ever known have been extraordinary persons.
About Monday: Ever tried to use the old telephone to ask if this garden is open?? Or is this the same issue that makes it impossible for men to ask about the road direction??
Hug from Felisol

Anyway, I always, and by always I mean since I was about five, had a lot of sympathy for Leah. Maybe as a result, I always had a thing for doe-eyed and otherwise plain women.
Felisol -- Mrs. Jim and I sneak into those dress rehearsals. If I called it would tip them off that we might be coming.

Doug -- have you ever walked on a Texas Acre? It might take a half day they are soooo big.
Jim, I have always enjoyed both stories from the scriptures...

You didn't tell us what you bought on Ebay, was it a pal for Adi? I let the Reverend JD know that I thought Adi would be a good mascot. She gets my vote.

It is a good thing that Al Gore invented the Internet or we would still be blogging the old fashioned I wonder what will happen now that he has invented Global Warming....I bet the state of Ohio would differ on his definition of it.
Hi Jim ~~ Good post and I remember poor Jacob having to work all those years for Rachel. I hope they were happy!! I think they mostly were in those days. Not as many distractions
etc. Thanks for your comments and
I wouldn't know about the taste of beer or wine as I don't like either.
Take care and hope you get to see the
Botanical Gardens, and take some photos for us. Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim, You have a lovely view from your balcony of the golf course,I could sit there for hrs and watch the golfers go by. Adi can.
thanks for your visit. Carol and Myself both drive Fords, Carol was driving my car.
Jim - I thought that Jacob was tricked by his future father in law before having to marry the sister of the woman that he really loved. Not a good start for the "IN LAWS" if you ask me? ~ jb///
P.S. About your post on my Vegas blog post. No I never got a chance to do the Roller Coaster on the Stratosphere. But I plan to NEXT time! Like I said... I love roller coasters! ~ jb///
Morning Jim, and Mrs. Jim

I don't like the time change!
I didn't know you were a Hippy! What fun! ONn the other hand, I think I like you better now. Hippies never did like me.

Thanks for posting the Bible stories. Jacob and his famiy never cease to amaze and inspire.
Jim, they take a day to to walk because you have to be so careful where you step.
We managed to get our clocks set so we were on schedule for Sunday.

So you spent a boatload on ebay, huh?? I bet it was fun. I have never bought or sold anything on ebay.

My photographic memory hasn't been developed either.
This is for Adi... I thought you looked very patient and rather wistful in that photo. When I was young, I used to play with a racket ball, which I now find boring, but I've never been golfing. You must be anxious to hit the links... Lucy

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