Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hey Whoadie, Let's ... Today

Mostly when I play golf, it is with my whoadies. A lot of my whoadies are in our Sunday school class over in Conroe too. There isn't a whole lot to do here in the rural subdivision except to hang out with the 'whoadies' (at golf, tennis, eating, card games, activities, boating, etc).

Now, obviously to most, what is a whoadie?

I quote one of my daily e-mails:

Urban Word of the Day

September 10, 2007: whoadie

Your friend, particularly someone from the same area of the city as
you. Origin is from New Orleans term "[ward]", how the city is divided.

It began as "wassup 7th waaaar-day", "wassup 9th war-daaaay" and the
sound evolved to "whoadie". Eventually people dropped the ward number
and started saying "[wardy]" and "whoadie."

"wassup whoadie, you got that new CD?"

Now you know. I have contributed to the Urban Dictionary and do get these new words e-mailed to me every day.

You might can too. Add a word and for sure they send them to 'authors.'

BTW, "Hey whoadie, where is Mrs. Jim today?"

"Oh, she's out having lunch with some of the whoadies."

"Well, let's make the best of it, I'll get whoadie Charles and lets play some golf."

Yesterday's (April 1) Word: Gullible

1. Gullible

The only word that is not in the dictionary. Go look.

I swear, gullible is not there.

2. Gullible

1. Any person who has three boobs.

2. Any person who believed the first definition.

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Dear Jim,
search and you shall find.
My Dad always dreamed of using money on "Encyclopedia Britannica". He had several Norwegian Encyclopedias, but Britannica was the Rolls Royce of sources of knowledge to him.
So when Gunnar moved in with me and brought with him the EB, my father accepted him as his son-in-law, even though we were not married at that time.(Which my father disliked, but never said much about, but for once.)
They bonded very well. We'll have to wait till Gunnar comes, was my father's standard answer when difficulties came up.
For his 70th birthday Gunnar brought him a new edition of EB.
I'll never forget my Dad's face as he unpacked the leather backed volumes. He glowed like a child.
The times have been a'chanin' rapidly from those days.
I immediately took up your challenge and Googled the word "gullible".
EB had the answer.
From Felisol

One entry found.


Main Entry:
gull·ible Listen to the pronunciation of gullible
also gull·able Listen to the pronunciation of gullable \ˈgə-lə-bəl\

: easily duped or cheated
— gull·ibil·i·ty Listen to the pronunciation of gullibility \ˌgə-lə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
— gull·ibly Listen to the pronunciation of gullibly \ˈgə-lə-blē\ adverb
Learn more about "gullible" and related topics at"
Felisol, those EB people sound pretty serious for me! Thank you.
Dear Jim,
at least the E. B. are seriously heavy when moving around.
On the other hand they make a solid staircase to the upper shelves.
Yours Felisol

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