Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Go for a ride with her doggie friend, Annie

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This is Annie, the dogs had a reunion at the vets office Monday and are now going for a short ride--Adi, where are you?. Annie was there for Spring allergy treatment, Adi had come to get her stitches removed and get some more help with her allergies.

[click picture for large size]

This was a long time-no-see meeting with my friend. Both our families had lived in Friendswood (Texas) and we belonged to the same church and socialized quite a bit. Now that we are in the Conroe area, we don't get together so often.

It seems all our lives have become busier since retirement. But I'm sure we will fix this pretty soon.

[click picture for full screen]
[click here for super size picture]

Please note that our Mustang is older and black The younger generation goes for the red ones, especially these girls.
[Adi Meme]

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can adi drink out of that bottled water all by herself????we sadie duke sandy and speedy on platoonoffour have to dink out of a old paint can boo hoo
Thelma & Louise? The Terrier and The Hound? Two Dogs and a Pony?
Dear Jim,
It's wonderful to see Adi being so loved and cared for. She's got the most beautiful eyes. Who can resist her?
Thought you had a Cadillac? And a Mustang???
In my view cars should be either black or red, self polishing with comfortable seats. Preferably not Asian. (They're mostly copycats)
We'll see what happens when Gunnar goes out car shopping in some weeks.
I get to decide dinner, sofa cushions (not too many, though), my hubby is in charge of houses, cars and digital gadgets. He has hardly yet forgiven me for buying a PC instead of a Mac.He is helping me out when Microsoft makes my life too complicated though.
I like that there are these little differences.
Life would be too dull if males and females were doing all the same things all of the time.
Perhaps I should make a series about hubbies can?
Good luck to Adi and her grandparents
from Felisol
Wow, ADI has her own water bottle, how posh! lol Are you sure there were any stitches left to take out? Glad you got a chance to see your old friend again, it is hard when you move and your friends don't come with you.

Still studying for the test...I'm not so sure though.
A long spell for ol Adi. She looks okay now.
You do look a bit seedy in the pic Jim.
Hi Jim, im Back.
Adi can! even have her own drink bottle.
Dear Adi's Grampa Jim
I just came by to say hi to Adi and what pretty a sight to my eyes.
There she is!
I hope she is doing better, Jim. I really hope that she is going to be all right.
I have been worried for her..
Take good care of her Jim because not only do you and Mrs. Jim and BP and her mom and dad love her but we all do too!!
Love Adi's Auntie Terry
How did you get BUSIER after retirement!?! I can't imagine being busier than I am right now!

I saw your comment over at Ralph's. Adi wouldn't like it if you stopped blogging, would she? I wouldn't like it either. Please keep it up.
Janell -- When people slow down and they are supposed to be doing all the things they have put off until there is time are busier than before they had time (RETIREMENT :-).

Auntie Terry -- Thank you, yes the Lord gave Adi to us and of course it in turn is our job to take care of her.
Just an awful lot of people like Adi. People who have met her and people who have only seen and read of her.

Jeanette -- By the previous comment you can see my time is precious. I will make a point of checking in at your blog tonight.
That will be after we get home from visiting a newly widowed lady at the funeral home where her deceased husband lies in his caskent and then going to the grocery store afterwards.

Cliff -- I had been seeding lately, you must have seen my picture taken just after that.
Adi needs an appointment at the kennel for her nails! :-)
That wouldn't be her first visit there, would it.

Lucy -- Adi had BETTER NOT be drinking from my water bottle. We share the water but not the bottle.
Memorize the answer to any question you don't understand!!!

Felisol -- Thanks for your concern about Adi. She is a wonderful dog!
Right now we have ONE TOO MANY CARS! [FIVE!!!!!]
We have the '99 Cad to sell, the replacement '06 Cad, the '99 black Ford Mustang GT convertible, Mom's 1974 green Ford Mustang II Ghia, and the 1950 Ford which needs a little facelifting. And an EZGo electric golf cart.

Doug -- Perfect, I really fell for Thelma and Louise, big time. I felt sorry for them when it was over. Two Dogs and a Pony! Wow!

Mr. Putz -- I had better not catch Adi drinking out of an old paint can! She would if I weren't watching her, after all she is just a dog.
And a Hound Dog at that!

All -- I won't do anything rash like stopping blogging. Blogging may stop me though.
Adi is cute. Bet she's glad to be rid of the stitches!

I like red Mustangs too! Well...just about any color Mustang would be nice!!
Adi and Annie. Good doggie buddies.

Adi doesn't take a bad photo. She's a perfect model.
the old can isn't an old can but a new bucket that has never had paint in it but was intended for paint, i would have nightmares over all the lead in an old paint rest easy everybody

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