Saturday, May 03, 2008

Why I stopped buying clothes

PJs were last item, except for a pair of jeans.
I bought two pair six years ago, they were $1.00 each at WalMart in their Fall Clearance Sale.

The Kids and Mrs. Jim buy them for me.
I am getting them trained pretty good. Most of the time the clothes even fit.

More than half of the clothes people buy are golf shirts. I have them trained for this too, they MUST HAVE A POCKET. But not very many golf shirts have pockets any more so a lot I get don't have them. Mrs. Jim is best at finding ones with pockets.

Money or gift cards are next in line for what people give. They think I will buy me some new clothes but that seldom happens.

Mrs. Jim is my fashion director.
They things I buy for myself generally don't match or aren't stylish. When I dress up I ask her how my clothes will look, quite often even before I even put them on. She buys me very fashionable duds if I will just wear them.

I am a retired college teacher, professors are supposed to look seedy.
And I do.

Now I need reader help. I started this post back in February with a topic outline having only the first three reasons and no explanations.

I have forgotten any other ideas I had on why I stopped buying clothes but I know there are many more.

Your input won't hurt my feelings and will help a lot with this post.

Thank you.


MaryT, this is not the kind of help I wanted or needed!!

MaryT, aka the teach, of the Work of the Poet has tagged me. I soon will dutifully and reluctantly answer as I always have dutifully and reluctantly before. Some of you may remember my humble efforts. (link)

However, as you will see in Item # 8, there is a catch. I am supposed to tag in turn five of my blogging friends. I have many blogging friends and I do not wish to be unfair and show partiality or the likes, so please, could I have five volunteers to be tagged? Please?

These are what you would asked to answer when you volunteer:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

2. What are 5 Things on my To-Do List for today:

3. Snacks I Enjoy:

4. Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:

5. Three Of My Bad Habits:

6. 5 Places I have Lived:

7. Jobs I Have Had:

8. 5 People I Want To Know More About:I Am Tagging:

See, that isn't hard.

So volunteers, please volunteer now!!

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i finaaly found your other blog, and decided to comment about two things we have in common, maybe three1. i taught at a jr college, snow in ephraim utah...2. i don't buy my own clothes either, over 66 years my wife has bought quite a wardrobe and i wll wear anything...3..i have been to ireland and kissed the blarney stone, and seen cork and southern ireland(the coast
I don't buy clothes often. Or get my hair cut. I comb some mornings, though.
I don't know Jim, it just gets easier to let other people buy your clothes especially if they fit you when you try them on. Like my husband you're problaby not a fancy guy...Am I right? So jeans and a shirt are fine. Of course you're lucky you have Mrs. Jim to tell you when you can't wear some pair of paants or shirt any more because the have holes in them. At least that's my job for my husband... LOL!

BTW I have TAGGED you! Come see at my blog!
I should check my comments before I publish them... I misspelled "probably, pants, and they."
Ray here.

Mrs. Jim has good taste in clothes, as well as in home furnishings. I'd let her buy your clothes for you.
I am allergic to memes.

Just let Mrs. Jim pick out your wardrobe for whenever you go out in public. Otherwise, feel free to be mismatched and seedy whilst at home.

You could start a new fashion trend. Well, it might not become a trend, but you could try. Maybe wear a kilt or a potato sack or clothes made from duct tape.
Jamie, I put up a big fuss over those memes, but I love it! The fuss and writing them. Just one problem, I often don't finish them, I get carried away on something. So I just quit halfway and 'publish.'
I am planning on tagging you.
And I do have a sports coat I bought myself that simulates duck tape. It is one inch plaid in three tone brown. Mrs. Jim disapproves of it. The best thing is that it only cost $1.50 at the resale shop.

Ray, Mrs. Jim does buy most of my clothes. And her taste is good, sometimes it clashes with my taste so we compromise.

Teach, aka Maryt, I like at least half, well, almost half, the clothes other people buy for me.
My total clothes budget is under $60 a year. Mrs. Jim can blow that double with one sports coat!
I take off five points a word for misspellings on most papers. The first time is half that in case writers (students) weren't paying attention when we went over the class rules.

Doug, I used to cut my own hair. I still could but it takes me over an hour. My time is pretty valuable.
That is a good thing to not buy clothes often. You can be shopping for better things at Home Depot or spending you time in the library.

Putz, welcome to the nonsense here. We have a lot in common, I'll take my snow here in Southeast Texas, once every twenty years. I missed it in 2003, we were in Nebraska.
Our sense of humor run has similar upbringings. One difference right away, I don't wear just any old thing, my kid, Mike, got after me for that, one time hearing from him and I learned!

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