Sunday, June 22, 2008

Teach an old dog new tricks?

Well, people were praying for me and this exam!

How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

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Yea!!!!! You passed, see I told you that you could do it.... Now you can work on

I emailed Don Sands and put you on the email too so that you will have his email address. I know that he will be pleased that you passed. Now, all we need to do is hear you on the air....Do you even own a rig?
Congratulations. Over and out.
For those not familiar, I am a ham radio person who doesn't get on
the air very often anymore. I got my General Class in Boston in 1961 and have been licensed ever since.

I just finished the upgrade to my license to the highest class possible, Amateur Extra Class. It gives me the full privileges of Amateur Radio.

Lucy's church had been holding classes for this license which helped me immediately. Thanks, Lucy.
so, do you reccomend for an 66 yr. old man, whose life is the pits{remember?} to go into ham radio???jim already we have history, like an old married couple
Congratulations Jim! Get on their and let your voice be heard!
Dad, I am glad you passed your test!!! Nice sign. :)
Congrats! Thanks for the comment to update your readers.
Congrats on passing exam you can talk to the world......
Dear Jim,
even if I have not got the faintest idea of what your exam was all bout, I'll join the congratulation choir.
It's always a great experience to experience that those little gray cells are still working.
To learn new stuff, that's an adrenalin rush; I get high, I can fly.
Oh yes, i do remember, but it seems a long time since I took up something new.
Maybe I'll go for a driver's license this fall, once my new binoculars have arrived..
Or try do follow a diet?
Anyway; I say it, you did it; excellent!
From Felisol

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