Thursday, December 11, 2008

View from our back window -- Look, it's snow! -- Have you had your car read lately? #016

(and just a little car reading for the week)

[large picture] [super sized]

Snow is all over south and east Houston and areas on to the east and north. Some areas got up to four inches, most around two.

That's what it looked like when first looking out our back window. I heard "See the little white patch of white in the middle behind that house."

Then just a half minute later I heard, "Oh no, it's just the sand trap!" Boo, hiss, our snow didn't stick around last night, it melted as it hit the ground. Houston gets snow about every ten years, this is early as our last was in 2004.

[large picture] [super sized]

Okay, I was out there anyway. If you super size this you might see a couple of snow flakes on my coat or hat that hadn't melted as the camera snapped. Thank you Gail for taking this excellent picture.

I was dressed like this for my "position" as a traffic control person for the Bentwater (our community) Christmas Home Tour. My job was to help people park and to keep them parking on just one side of the street. The second night we had better weather for all concerned, workers and home viewers, although it was getting cold, down into the upper thirties.

[large picture] [super sized]

When I took the dogs out this morning things were flying to the south overhead. One group after another, like a Texas meteor shower! The birds were coming south finally.

[large picture] [super sized]

A little closer shot never hurts anything.

My Pony's [1998 Ford Mustang GT convertible] back in the stable. I had been having air conditioner problems with it.
After all it is eleven years old now (with 77,500 miles on it already!) so every now and then it demands some special attention. Just like Adi and Katrin do.

Our cypress tree in the front yard looks a little bare this morning after all the wind. Wonder where all the needles are?

Look up, not down!
Our cypress is loosing its needles for the winter. Thank goodness for live oak and holly trees that stay green all year.

and _________ ?

Things are going to be a lot better by the weekend.

I should even get a chance to try out the Mustang A/C and then put the top down again.

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Keep the snow Jim. We have already had our fair share.
Dear Jim,
you are looking so kind and cute out there in green Texas, almost like those German garden figures.

Just how many cars did you say you had? 2 Mustangs, 2 Cadillacs, 1 golfcart? More??

I have removed the songlist from my site. It opens quicker now.
Tried to store old posts. That did not work as intended.
Thanks for good advices
From Felisol
We got a little snow this week. I hate it. I drove to work on Wednesday and it was all ice, a long commute at 30 miles per hour. I must say I was looking really hard at your photo for snow. I was thinking that I might need different glasses, cause I just couldnk't see any snow no matter how hard I searched.
Gday Jim I enlarge the Pic couldnt see any snow, looks like your all rugged to go volunteer for a tournament out on the golf course...
I was volunteering for the Bentwater (our community) Christmas Home Tour.
That meant helping people park in the right places and keeping one side of the streets open.
You look like you could be one of Santa's elves.
That hat would make you fit right in alongside the elves in Santa's workshop except that you'd need to shrink about two feet in height which might be hard to do.
Snow in Houston. That's not common, but I'm sure the kids who live there were thrilled.
We've not had any snow at all, and I hope it stays that way.
My '97 Stang still hasn't turned 3000 miles yet. One of these days we will have to take it for a long run.
Love that photo of you but I can't decide whether you remind me of an elf or a gnome.
They say the Northeast got slammed, but our area got nothing. Just a few flurries and high winds.
Hi Jim ~~ Not a lot of snow where you are at present. I guess we Aussies are too lazy to work out 20th, 21st or 22nd to change seasons, so we start them all off on the 1st of the month. You are well rugged up in the cold to direct parking. Take good care, Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim,
The first that came to my mind when I saw you green dressed was "what a cute friendly dwarf". I didn't want to write that to not offend you but then I saw Felisol's comment and that's almost the same :-)

Have a great Sunday!
We've had some really weird weather down here this year, too. It's been one cold front after another, This week is supposed to be back to normal with lows in the 60s and highs in the mid-70s.

I agree with Jamie - you'd make an excellent elf. Then, you'd really get your fill of snow!
you goota be kidding me....get serious with this snowe business...texas got to be big in some things, but this time all you are big in is EXAGGERATION...big whopping story,,,snow, you have no idea
Enjoy your little patch of snow (I need a magnifying glass to see it though ;) ... My eyeballs hurt from the cold up here today. I'm inside to stay warm.
Sad to hear your weather has gotten so bad for you. Our high tomorrow will be 4 degrees (above zero).
Great pic of you.
Hi again Jim ~ ~ Yhanks for your comments and I am glad you liked the story of Lucky and the blonde. Just posted another one tonight which you have probably seen before.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I just have to say I loved the photos of all the cars...I love antique ones...

and I couldnt find the snow...which picture should I enlarge to see it...

blessings to you
Oh boy Mr. Jim!
I thought that everything was supposed to be bigger in Texas!
And here all you have to offer us is two tiny snowflakes?
Ha!! For all we know it just might be two BIG pieces of dandruff!
Oh though I must say that I would prefer your every ten years of snow.
I surely do not relish the winter. They say that it is going to be a real big freeze this year and winter hasn't even officially started in Southern, Ontario!
Send us down that temperature chart Mr. Jim!!!
Or else send us that Adi to warm us up a little.....Love Terry
Hey Jim, you look in great shape! you seem to have enjoyed the snow, it has snowed over here as well!
Jim, the snow was awesome, wasn't it.....The phone was ringing off the wall with the kids calling and my brother and sisters calling too. Everyone was like a "kid in a candy store"
I want snow in sunny Singapore! Just a little, I don't want half a metre thick. hehehe.....
Gidday Jim,

Send some of the snow to me, 'cos it's summer here and today the temperature hit 35 deg C which is about 95 deg F....phew bring back our winter even though it doesn't snow here.

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