Friday, February 13, 2009

Looking At the Sky … From my back porch

Happy Friday the 13th!

Taken from my back porch on February 1, 2009. At 6:19 PM to the east and 6:18 PM to the west, top and bottom. (For larger size, click on pictures)

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Crazy Working Mom

In case you were wondering what Adi was doing, don't worry. She and I had gone for another walk earlier in the morning.

Here she is looking back to see how far we've come.

I've been working on Income Tax the last couple of days. Still have more to do, I did Mom and Dad's final trust returns stuff. Sister Lois is down and will be back up her Monday. She is busy enjoying her grandchildren right now for a week.

Have a Valentines Day party with Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class tomorrow night. They are having a banquet dinner. Guess I'll have to dress up.

Saturday night a bunch of us couples are playing dominos at a couple's home up the street from here. The game's formal name is forty-two. This game is played with double six dominoes, it is very common in Texas.

For the rules and playing strategy, buy the book, Texas 42. The rules and order information are on-line at (link). We play the for points version.

Oh yes, we will eat too. I think pretty good since it is a Holiday (Valentines Day).

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Hi there Jim! Yep I switched to Looking at the Sky because Skywatch was just getting so overwhelming. I feel guilty if I can't get back to everyone. Hope all is well with you. Love the view from your porch!! Enjoy your weekend and I hope you and your love have a wonderful Valentine weekend :0)
me like your cloud shots! ;)
Enjoy your Valentine's Party and your Valentine's Day with your valentine, the lovely Mrs. Jim.
Adi and you are getting exercise and enjoying nature.
That is a gooood thing.
The sky looks mighty blue in your neck of the woods.

Have a terrific weekend! If you eat a chocolate truffle, think of me. Those sweet morsels are tasty!

Taxes, taxes, taxes. I'd like to see our taxes greatly reduced, but that is not likely to happen.
Happy Valentine's Day to you & Mrs. J.!
Your trees are bare. I thought in Texas the leaves stayed on all year long ;) Just popping in to say a quick hello and goodbye.

Hello & goodbye.
My mom and dad loved playing 42. If that is the golf course, it sure could use some rain...I hardly see any green...

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