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What's been going on? — My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "V" / Thursday Two Questions —

"V" is for View.  We each have experienced many magnificent views in our lives.

However, these are some everyday views I personally was blessed to view, most of them this last week.

First, on the left, is the front yard of a fellow who had invited us to visit his personal antique car museum.  That was a visit I wish everyone could have.  Later here in another blog post I will show some of the cars I particularly liked.

You may need to enlarge your view to see this good.  My favorite is a large bust of our first and only Texas President, President Sam Houston.  It was created by the same sculpture who made the statue in my last, bottom here, view picture.

Our view at the right was a field of wild Texas Bluebonnets flowers pretty much in bloom.  The Bluebonnet is our Texas State Flower.  

Out of the picture by the roadside but in the field was a young family taking pictures of the kids sitting out in he midst of the flowers. 

That is a traditional picture of Texas children that most families have in their albums.  Now I guess it would be in their disc drive file box.

This is the view from our back porch.  The little white dog is our toy poodle, Katrin.

Our backyard is expanded nicely by the golf course par five hole number 11.  We are situated at the outside left corner of the dog leg.

The tree to the left finished making spring leaves just this week.  It is in the neighbor's backyard, the property line is at the utility connection box beyond Katrin.  Our lot is pie-shaped with 55 feet in the back and 143 feet in the front.

Now we switch to view a March picture.  We had my Sunday school class party at our home. 

Pictured are fifteen of the 27 present.  More were at left, one was sitting in the kitchen, and then more still right in chairs behind the couch.

Our class is age ranked from 70 years of age and up.  Only a couple are under 70 and many are in their 80's.

 This is a porch view of the azaleas lining our right hand border in the side yard.

Our back porch runs the full length of the house, seventy feet.  We had the floor covered with ceramic tile a couple of summers ago. 

Our furniture there is generally sparse, a row of four chairs and a round coffee table.  We do have a rectangular table and six chairs but we haven't put it out for several years now, not since we tiled the floor.

This is a view from the golf cart I was riding on the course where I play on Tuesdays.  This Tuesday I lost my ball in the little creek to the left of that golf cart.

The group I play with on Tuesdays is a group of about twenty men from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class.  Her age group is from age 60 and up although most are in their seventies with a few 80's.

This view I saw last Friday on the way to the Early Ford V8 Texas Tour, which our local club hosted this year.

I did not bring an old Ford and I left our family car in Huntsville, Texas, with Mrs. Jim.  Tom from San Antonio asked me to ride with him. 

We were going through the Sam Houston National Forest (map) headed to lunch at one of our member's farm ranch home. 

My ride here was in Tom's 1937 Ford Convertible Sedan.  It had four doors and had been restored very nicely.  Up ahead was a 1948 Ford Tudor that we followed. 

This is the view I had while riding the little antique Ferris Wheel at A's ranch (link).  You can see a few of the old Fords the various clubs' members had driven to lunch.  Ninety-four early Fords were brought to the meet.
We ate in the saloon to the right of this pretty little old guest house.   We also sat to eat outside on the porch an on various picnic tables scattered on the ground.
Cars that are classified as Early Ford V8's are any Ford or Ford motor vehicle manufactured between the years of 1932 and 1953.  Those are the years that Mr. Ford put the V8 flathead engines in the majority of his cars.  Some of the older ones had a four cylinder engine similar to those of the Model A Fords.  These cars were called Model B Fords.
Later during the 40's and 50's some of the Ford products had six cylinder engines.  Any of these automobiles made during the years between 1932 and 1953 will be eligible for club membership (mine is a black 1950 Ford Custom Tudor, currently not running).  Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln (some Lincoln's in the 40's and 50's  years had V12 engines) cars are eligible as are the trucks of these makes and years.

Our final view here is a 67-foot-tall statue of Texas President Sam Houston (link).  The statue is a few miles south of Huntsville, Texas, on the side of Interstate Highway 45. 
It is visible from a couple of miles to the south and also welcomes motorists coming over the hill from the north.

We held our Texas State  meeting in Huntsville and took this picture on our way back to the awards banquet on Saturday night.  We had gone home to our house after helping count ballets to feed Katrin here supper.

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==> You can see other "V" letter posts by visiting Jenny's blog post, Alphabe- Thursday. My letter "V" portion of this post will be critiqued by Head Mistress Jenny. I always hope for a good grade from her.

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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

My post last week was about the "U" word Ugly. It really was about golfing for which a lot of you had opinions to express.

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

1. What would you like to tell about some of your views?

2. What are some clubs or organizations in which you participate?
Bonus Question:

1. What is your favorite "V" word?
==>  My Questions here are for Amanda at her Thursday Two Questions blog, Self Sagacity. Please visit her there for her questions and links to other partakers of her fun blogging idea.

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1. We have lots of views of the California Delta on our boat. From where we keep our boats all the way to the bay of San Francisco.

2. Delta Marina Yacht Club and the International Order of the Blue Gavel are two boating organizations I belong to.

3. Victory is my favorite 'V' word this week.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Wow! Awesome photos! Love all the different views and I like that V word, very clever! Have a terrific weekend and thanks for sharing!
My favorite V word would be victory and I love your views. I am waiting for warmer weather so I can enjoy the view around my home. Right now I am enjoying the inside view of the little people. Oh, and love your dog!!
Lovely view of the flowers and golf course. I would like to view the flowers in Holland if possible. Love your V word this week.

Dominique @ Dominique's Desk
These are very nice and interesting views. Especially the flowers, I think.
Thanks for the comment over at my place, Jim!

Yes, I think you'll like Wales (partly set my second novel 'Soul Stealer' there!). North Wales is more spectacular than South (especially around Snowdonia) but, as with mountain areas everywhere, tends to be wet!

You'd also like The New Forest (as in 'Retribution') and Cornwall & Devon in the SW.

I'll be looking forward to your reports in due course!!
Marvelous views and excellent photos ~ great post for V ~ enjoy ^_^
What great views! Love the picture of you driving through the Sam Houston National Forest. Not so sure I'd like riding the antique ferris wheel!
I love your Texas views - they are gorgeous. I hope you don't live near the explosion. Prayers for Texas too. sandie
I have an amazing view out every window of my house. I feel truly blessed by that and try to enjoy it every day...
My favorite view from your eyes only is your Sunday class at your home. It looked like a warm gathering. You are very blessed to have so many friends.
1)My views are of my children's schools and being at their activities. My views are also of my garden and my front yard. Then sometimes, I get to see the mountains from my bedroom window, when I actually make a point to look out "that" window. Mostly my view is of my computer screen. Not as exciting as yours. smiles.
2) Right now, the only organization I belong to is for parents running around like mad taking their kids to all the activities. It is a non-official organization...yup...we just know that we are in the same boat and that we stop and vent to each other sometimes, and that is about 2 minutes of venting time. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you find great views again to share next week.
Those are lovely views.

I have quite a view for my sunrises each morning and I consider these blessings.

I LOVE views that just take you into nature.

I'm not apart of any organization right now except church.

V is for valiant. We need more valiant people as we had many years ago.
Very nice post and lovely views :) very clever in using the V word!

Have a lovely weekend,Jim!
You have some great views! I would love to see bluebonnets in person!
1. Views are important to me. I love that the back of my house looks into acres of woods.
2. book club, Bible study, bicycle club, etsy team
bonus: vacation!

That's crazy about your St. Lucia car! We had a better car but it acquired a flat tire after hitting at rock in the road (and those roads can be scary!). We pulled onto a side street in Soufriere and immediately there were about 6 guys with tire changing tools at the ready. St. Lucia is definitely beautiful, but the southwestern side can be tricky to navigate.
The View I Value most is when my GRands come Visit and I see them all playing around the pool...

I love all of the Vivid Views you shared with us for the letter V...

Very neat...


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