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You___? — My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "Y" / Thursday Two Questions —


"Y" is for Young People, Youngsters, and Youth
(maybe also you)
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Saturday a group mostly from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class and a group of about twelve youth from our church journeyed to a local East Texas ranch where we worked with 127 young people from Houston. 

Our 'work' consisted of conducting activities at six different stations scattered about on the ranch. In order of my post, they were fishing, horse riding, paddle boating, face painting, a hay ride, and a short Bible study.

Pictured here is one of the helping youth who came with the younger children participating in fishing.  These kids liked to dig right in along with the younger ones.

I was stationed to help with the fishing group.  This also shows the 'leader' of our group.  We baited the hooks, helped the kids with 'casting' their rods, holding them waiting for a bite, in pulling them in, and
then taking the hook out and putting the fish back into the lake.

This is the only turtle that was caught.  Everyone was pretty excited about it.  The youngster here didn't want to get too close to it but did want her picture taken with it.  So, ...

BTW [By the way], the hooks had no barbs.

Show above left are our two fishing spots.  I caught this little fish before the kids came back from lunch.  This was my fourth time to 'fish.'  The first was with my first steady girl friend at her parents farm.  We 'got to' take her little brother and we spent most of our time baiting hooks and taking fish off for the brother.  I caught no fish.

The second time was when camping with our four older children.  Again no fish for me, it was all balt and release for the kids. 

The third time was for my 70th birthday, BIL Billy took me to Orange, Texas, to fish with him and his dad in the Inter Coastal Canal that runs from Florida to Mexico.  I was the only one who caught a fish as a storm came up and we had to come in (link to my prior fishing post).  I got my first fishing license for that outing.

After our station came horse riding.  The kids did ride one the horses, but they did not ride a horse.  That second meaning means having control of the horse and can see that no way was this five-year-old in control his his big horse.  He 'rode' in the same way that Mrs. Jim, Mema, and I rode camels in Egypt.

This station was very pleasant.  I can remember that I always like to ride the paddle boats.  We had six paddle boats.

Each group of children ran from 21 to 25 kids.  They were grouped according to age, the youngest were five and then ages went on up to age twelve.

Our adults ran from the 60's up into the 80's.  Alan, our Youth Director is about 30.


These are the face painting ladies at work.  A kitty-cat face was the favorite for the girls.  This girl will have one of those right after Mrs. Jim paints a pretty flower on her hand.  I have a feeling they picked the ones with some artistic talent for this place. 
The beagle above reminded me of Adi.  She loved having her next scratched.  And Adi? She died on September 17, 2012.  I still miss her very much.

This group here belonged with the paddle boats.  Their job beside putting in and pulling out the boats included putting on the life jackets.  Right now they were resting (waiting for the kids to come after lunch).

This is the smallest group.  They help with making Cross necklaces which are a cross-shaped bottle filled with colored 'sand' and having a neck string attached to the screw lid.

Most work groups were six but this was smaller.  We all enjoyed working with the young people as most have experience from being grandparents.

Here you are seeing the assembly in the morning when the bus loads of young people arrived.  Behind the groups in the center the white and brown spotted SUV is hitched to the hay ride wagon.  I think there is at least one other group out of camera's view to the ride.  If you count 127 of these youngsters then I got them all in the picture.

Here comes a group of youngsters, being escorted by a couple of the youth, to the fishing spot.

Below is the chow hall where we were served chili cheese dogs, chips, some fruit, and two Oriel Cookies.  I had colored punch for drink.

At the right is the tired of not-so-young group ready to go home.  The Bible study chapel is in the room behind this wall.

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==> You can see other "Y" letter posts by visiting Jenny's blog post, Alphabe- Thursday. My letter "Y" portion of this post will be critiqued by Head Mistress Jenny. I always hope for a good grade from her..
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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

My post last week was about the "X" word Xu.  Since Xu does not have a definition it was a "free post " for me.  I did an assortment of items.  Please do not forget to observe this May as National Hamburger Month.
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

1. What is your idea of having fun with the young people?
2. How do you feel about fishing? .O
Bonus Question(s):

1. What is your favorite "Y" word?
==> My Questions here are for Amanda at her Thursday Two Questions blog, Self Sagacity. Please visit her there for her questions and links to other partakers of her fun blogging idea.

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I fly fish and love it! I'm not good at it at all, but love being on the river.

For years I showed horses with a group of young girls, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Great "Y" post!
1. I always think of my granddaughters when they were younger and we'll all bake cookies or a cake. What fun that was.

2. Yawn on the fishing.

3. Yayful is my 'Y' word for today.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Next time you go - let me know so I can send Andy there! lol That was awesome - all of it. sandie
I love your photo journals. It looks like so much fun was had and the scenery is awesome. It's nearly like taking a mini-vacation! It is wonderful that you do things with the young. We have so many in our family. We take nature hikes, go shopping, crafting and drawing (they like to make cards), go to the park and church. When mine were little we went to the zoo nearly every week during warmer weather as it was free on Thursdays. Children need activities in a supervised environment. Good job Jim and Mrs. Jim.

For "Y" how about "YES!"
I think it's certainly interesting going fishing and being on a farm. My kids haven't tried that yet and I hope that they will like it too.

Dominique @ Dominique's Desk
1. What is your idea of having fun with the young people?
I like to sit around a table with them, sharing the sort of food they'll like and just listen to them talk.
2. How do you feel about fishing? I don't mind fishing as long as someone else baits the hook and takes care of any tug on the line - because my favourite way to go fishing is with a good book and a thermos of tea.
Bonus Question(s):

1. What is your favorite "Y" word? Yummy

Wow! It was a very wonderful day spent with the youths, Dr & Mrs Jim :)

My favourite "Y" word is youthful.
It's sooooo hot here now I feel like snoozing like the beagle above!

Lovely post & pics!
Hi Jim -- I have another blog where I'm doing the Random 5:
Hope you can join us! We're located about 10 miles south of Herman and about 12 miles north of Blair -- so I'm in your old neighborhood!

Have a great day!
I spotted that horse and thought, "Wow, a horse post!" Looks like a fun time was had by all. There are all sorts of things to write about this post, Jim. Snoozing beagle is wonderful picture.

They say youth is wasted on the young, unless of course you're like me and never grow up.

Thought for the day: 'Don't squat on your spurs.' ~The Horse Pucky Queen.
Looks like lots of fun going on there.

1. What is your idea of having fun with the young people? Just hanging out, or playing, or even building something
2. How do you feel about fishing? .O
I have fished in Alaska. I like the challenge.

Bonus Question(s):

1. What is your favorite "Y" word?

All that came to my mind was YOLO :) Weird huh.

Happy weekend Jim
I have two young sons, they are independent. We go out to eat or just play games in the house. They like time to themselves, so do I. We sit around the table with our laptops. Other than that, we sometimes would go shopping together.
I have fished with my father before, but not since then. It has been some 30 years now.
My favorite y word is "yes". Have a wonderful weekend!
Ah. Youth.

Such joy and energy. Such hope.

I like to just be 'present' with young children. We ban almost all use of electronics here...Grandma and Grandpa's house is about books and games and drawing and sharing a movie.

I love to go fishing. And watch people. It's a lovely, dreamy time for me, but I can never force myself to bait a hook!

Thanks for a wonderful link for the letter 'Y'.


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