Friday, June 07, 2013

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Night Scene in Jim's Backyard

My new camera is running on full automatic.  I think to take moon pictures (I covet all those) there must be special settings made.

Anyway, the moon wasn't peeking out the other night so I got this for you.  Picasa helped me with the effect.

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Sign found at Troon, .. . .. .
 Ayreshire, Scotland .. . . . .
(link to Jim's earlier blog) . . .
1.  How does one become aware when he or she is getting old?  For me it was gradual.  I was back in college and the banks had special life-time no-fee account for college kids.  They must be under 30.

Why not 35?  That bothered me but one day they did change to 35.  But by then I was over 35 (still in college, when I went back I spent eleven years going to night school for three degrees).  Getting old.

If you went to college back when I did there were long lines of us out amongst the trees waiting for our turn to pull class cards.  Our lines were arranged by alphabetical order. 

This particular time when I was given my class cards one of the young ladies whom I considered my contemporary and would like sit somewhere near in class surprised me.  She addressed me as "Sir."  Getting old.

Those eleven years and three degrees were a signal that I should stop taking classes.  I did vow to take a Shakespeare Literature class but haven't done that yet. I soon began to teach a Business Law evening class at the community college where I got the first of those three degrees.  In about three years I was offered a professor job there, teaching a full load.
One of my classroom innovations was to move around to the front of the teacher desk and sit up on it so students on their way out could stop and talk, make an office appointment, perhaps give me a thumbs up, or whatever.
I don't know if it was a conspiracy or not, but it all happened at one time, like when I was still in school they called me "Sir."  The students began patting my leg.  Getting old.

Now, I get patted a lot. The patting is mostly done by women but a few men pat me.  Shoulders or when sitting my legs are their favorites. 
Last week I went to see my dermatologist about some sores and rashes that I could not get rid of.  One of of those involved a drop-your-drawers-so-I-can-see episode.  I thought his nurse might leave but she stayed busy over by the lavatory. 

After my doctor was finished and gave me a new prescription (and my pants were back up) I saw the nurse  throwing away my older prescription tube of medicine.
I said to her, "You are throwing my medicine away."  She smartly said, "It says 1999 on the tube."  End of that.  But on the way out, she gave me the nicest pat I have had for a long time.  Getting old.
2.  Got gas for Mrs. Jim last week and this car was ahead of me.  I decided this would make a nice "Read your car" feature.

Back a couple of years a had a weekend feature called "Read Your Car." It didn't go over real big so I stopped doing it. (link)

I could see that the driver was a lady.  A lady who was lazy and wasn't too into getting it done very fast as she was sitting inside her car.  She should have been washing her bug smeared windows or watching for the filling to finish.  I felt like honking at her to get her attention and then ask if it was still filling or wasn't maybe she was finished.  She must have had it on slow.

I don't fault her for not buy American.  That has gone out of style now for a long time and Honda does make a good car.  Most now are made in American but the profits go to Japan.  I still buy American.

Did you notice the fish symbol on the back of her car?  But the words inside say "Darwin."  I had not seen one of these before (see picture below).  Her blatant fish says she is one of the of many vocal evolutionists.  Personally if I had a fish it would be telling the world the standard fish message of Biblical origin which includes the world being created by God in seven days.  To me that is a Big Bang if I ever could dream of one and I believe it (creation theories search).

Note also the license plate frame, saying "Harley Davidson."  The lady might be a biker but I am thinking her husband or male friend put that on for her. 

Can you read the price of gas?  It was $3.02 here that day.  The locals are having a little gas war because a new grocery store (H.E.B) has moved in.
This gas was from Kroger and was $3.22 before my 20¢ off.  Still though, 16 gallons cost a lot.  In our car $48 will get us about 320 miles.
3.  You know you are getting old when your friends are having their 50th wedding anniversaries.  Our friend decided she could not get into her wedding dress anymore.  Can you?

Guy stuff, I don't even have my wedding suit.  I grew and it shrank.

4.  I played golf with my friend  on Wednesday.  We played at Panorama Village and the course was nice (link).  My ball was in front of this tree and a little squirrel was watching me from in back of the tree.

The squirrel's brother later tried to steal my peanut butter and cracker sandwiches.  He didn't get away with that but he did contaminate my food.

5. I read a lot of stuff on my computer besides blogs, Facebooks, e-mail, etc. My computer starts up every morning with MSN News. Then the news items change as the day goes along.

This item came along on Wednesday. I am a big fan of Van Gogh (my blogs) and really like this video.  It was neat:
Check out this great MSN video - Van Gogh's paintings come to life

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I fail miserably at taking moon shots. Love this little golf fan, he really looks interested perhaps he is the diversion while brother moves in on the sandwiches. I've never sat in my car while filling the gas tank..I'VG video is great, and this is funny post, nice way to begin the morning with a giggle or two.
When my friends got married and / or had children, I felt old because I am 32 and I don't even have a boyfriend - but that's totally just fine. However, when I found out that my very first goddaughter (who just turned 16) gave birth to a cute bundle of joy... that's when I felt I am super duper old, I mean, I am just 32 and already I am a grandma already?!? (considering my goddaughter's mom is just a year older than I am)

oh, life.
Fun post today Jim -- our gas is around $3.69 a gallon right now -- Nebraska has one of the highest gas taxes in the U.S.

Enjoy you weekend and thanks so much for joining in today!
Your night scene looks wonderful..almost as if it were a painting. As to paintings that Van Gogh link was fun : )
All that I know about getting old is that I do not appreciate the weird stuff it does to ones eyelids. One day I had mine and the next day I had some middle aged lady ones that were deposited onto my face by aliens while I slept unawares.
You are right about that Getting Old thing...
The night photo makes me think of space aliens....must be the 4 lights in the dark area of the pic...
Happy R5F!
You know you have aged when the kid at the movie charges you the senior discount rate and you didn't even ask for it.
I really like visiting your blog. You offer a different perspective - just makes me happy.
Your moon - is wonderful -
AND - the Van Gogh clip . . . is stunningly cool . . . wonder if he would have watched over & over (I did.)

Fun post. I know all about the *getting old* stuff ... the creaks and groans, too. I love moon photos and vanGogh. I agree with Stephanie ... when anyone gives me the senior discount rate without me asking! I didn't think I looked THAT old! :D :D
My answers to your 5 queries:
1. The first time someone called me "maam" I thought "what the heck-I'm not that old!"
2.I do not post any stickers etc on our car- all we have is our permit allowing us into airbases due to my sweeties 22+ years with Special Forces. The way folks are any more the less they know the less will make them want to key my car. Gas is $4.05 here.
3. I still fit in my wedding dress. Same weight since high school....all these many years.
4. I sat on our deck and had a one way conversation with a chipmunk...he just twitched his nose while he ate fallen from the birdfeeder sunflower seeds!
5. I have drudgereport as my home page...I can get more interesting news about the USA from the London Times. It's not filtered, biased and censored like our papers are.
Love the vanGogh video- have a great week! Cheers!
I am sorry that the squirrel contaminated your lunch. I looked at my hands a few years ago and wondered when they got old!!

I too have Drudge as my home page plus I find Russia Today (RT) also has better news, as long as you recognize their communism is wonderful bias.
For me it's not sir, but mame...and the only time that doesn't sound like I'm old is when watching a cowboy movie, and Sam Elliott (who's older then me in real life), tips his hat and says mame.

Back in the dark ages when I went to school, lots of teachers sat on their desks in order to be more engaging during class, but I don't remember patting any of them....then again, they were young. lol
Sandy for Random 5 on Friday
Lol, Sir! After my father passed away, I decided to do a full CMNS degree before I turned 50. That was a lot harder than the BSc I finished by the time I turned 24; even with two toddlers! Those young whippersnappers are pretty sharp these days!
I'm with you on buying American cars. My dad was a Chevy guy, so I tend to stick with GM.
Poor little hungry squirrel.
I noticed my age when I hit 30 and was going through divorce, then again when I was told I could not go back into the military after 35. That makes one feel old. Funny how we associate age with life events.
Our computer starts up with the latest news too, Dr Jim :)

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