Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Adi Badge Picture ~~ Warm Heart Wednesday No. 021

This one really makes me warm.  And I can get this nice picture of Adi and me anytime my computer or iPad is up with Internet.  Adi died in 2012 and I still miss her.  Really I have a few regrets that we didn't have a clone of her made. 
She is a part of my profile picture at the Amateur Radio web site, QRZ.COMfor my Ham Radio Call Sign posting.   I have been continuously licensed since 1961.  This picture was made for 'our' Pet Therapy Team badges, hers and mine, when we first became certified. (Adi's retirement blog post)
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I wish we had Little Bit cloned too. We also miss her something awful. They embed themselves into your heart and stay there forever.

Have a fabulous day Jim. Hello to Mrs. Jim. ☺
This is a wonderful photo of the two of you, what a great therapy team you must have made, two very kind souls! <3
~Josie's Journal~

Even though I have Chloe now I still miss Sophie. She's been gone for 1 1/2 years now. I'm sure you miss Adi. they really grow on us don't they? Are you a ham radio operator? That's what it sounded like when I went to the site, but I wasn't sure. I guess I didn't realize ham radio operators were still in existence. Since the Internet so many things have changed.
Quite a beauty she was.
It is one of life's hard knocks to lose a furry loved one. I still miss mine and sometimes fall asleep thinking of all their fun antics and comforts.

Love the photo of you two!

visiting from warm heart wednesday
We have had three Cairn Terriers over the years, and while each is a little different from the others, the essential spirit of the Cairn is there. These days Rory keeps us laughing and remembering D'Arcy and Rosie.
She was beautiful! It's never easy to lose them, and it doesn't seem to get better with time.
What a sweet face and what a great team you two must have made. My son and his wife just lost their Beagle on Christmas Day. She was a special one, too. They are just now looking and think they have found a boy version of Lacy. They become family! Visiting from Warm Heart Wednesday!
Adi was a great dog

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