Friday, March 03, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.09-- "I" is for ...

Please note that today's Hunt is my 2001st post on this blog. 
My "Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place" blog is sitting at 1032. Link

Friday’s Hunt for the week of March 3rd:
(1) Starts with "I"; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Nose

(1) Starts with "I": "I" could write a book about this One Letter Word.  But don't worry, I won't do that.  Before we go through the Two Letter Words that start with "II will ask a bit of trivia. 
1st, how many Two Letter Words begin with the letter "I"?  Answer, five (I'm betting that you missed one)
2nd, how many two letter words are in the English language? Answer, 101
Highlight the word "Answer" and the blank area grouping after the word "Answer" to check your guess. 

Here goes:

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Jim my friend, I need to ask if you were an English an English teacher or are naturally wordy? My nose as never been the same since my face hit the windshield a number of years ago.
Lots of I words- sorry about your skin cancer. I wish I had known better as a child to stay out of the sun and to never start smoking- two of my deepest regrets. I did stop both in 2009, but as my mom is now in stage 4 lung cancer, I don't think I quit soon enough. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
good morning Mr.Jim
hope all is well your way
Great post Jim - I was thinking about the two letter I words. There is also "I'm" which is two letters, but includes the apostrophe, and also Io, which is one of the moons of Jupiter, although I suppose it isn't a word originating from English. Glad you got over the nose incident, and hope it doesn't come back. Adi sure was cute!
I know you both loved Adi very much. We sure miss our Little Bit. We bought a stuffed dog that looks much like her for our boat. That way she can still go on cruises with us.

Great grand babies rock. I sure enjoy mine. She's in kindergarten this year.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
The dog has wonderful soulful eyes and that a good shot of your nose after surgery
You are blessed with such awesome grandkids and a little great-grandson too! These photos made me smile. I know he was relishing in all that attention! I have learned so many two-letter words since becoming a Words With Friends player. I don't now all the meanings, but they sure come in handy! :-) I am glad you had that cancer surgery, too many people ignore skin cancer and it can be deadly. At our age beauty shines from the inside and I bet Mrs. Jim thinks you are still mighty handsome. Adi was a very special dog indeed, I know she brightened so many lives in her therapy visits! This was a lovely post, Jim, enjoy your BBQ with friends and have a good week ahead!
And super-congrats on writing over 2000 posts... that's amazing! The blogsphere is a wonderful place of sharing! :-)
That was quite the English lesson for the English teacher here. Loved the trivia aspect, and your actors are adorable! Adi was cute! Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt!
You must be so happy to have such wonderful grandchildren...and they must be happy to have such an awesome grandpa!
Looks like you have a block builder and a block-knocker-downer. You put quite a bit of work into this (last) week's post with all that research. Congrats on those blog milestones! Great bandage! I'm glad my shirt covers my scar from the same culprit. Your sweet Adi. They do leave imprints on our hearts.

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