Saturday, October 10, 2009

LIG L2P -- Six Word Saturday

Glad I don't live in Chicago
[Click on any picture for larger view]

The weather is COLD up there!! Brrrr!!

Or in the Rockies. There is SNOW over there!!

But what's this? Rain for yesterday and cooler for us
in the Houston, Texas, area for the weekend.
And we are going to a car club picnic (scroll down to Tuesday's post) today!
[Early Ford V-8 Club]

Life in the fast lane
driving in the rain
not my favorite,
beats ice killing grit

And the LIG L2P?
Go here to find out.

The weather man was right . . .
for us, rain and cooler. . . . .

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hello 911, there's been a shooting here!!

Hello, this is 911, may I help you please?

Oh yes, yes, they've shot my mama!

Oh dear, you poor darling! Are you alright?

Yes, I'm fine, but my mama has been shot and is dyin'.

Where is your mama now, is somebody helping her?

She's layin' out in the street. The dog's been shot too!

Those scoundrels! We have an ambulance coming to 2131 Whippoorwill Road, is that where you are calling from.

Yes, Ma'am, but she's down the street in front of the neighbors house.

Is it far from you?

No Ma'am, just four houses down.

Good, I mean this is terrible but we will find her over there.

How about the doggy, it might be dyin' too! There's blood everywhere down there.

You didn't answer my question, is anyone there helping your mom?

Oh yes, my sisters are there holding her head and both of her hands. Brother has the doggy in his lap.

Do you think the dog will bite?

Oh no Ma'am, he's a nice doggy, he belongs to the neighbor.

Fine, I mean thank you. We will have an ambulance there for the dog too.


While I have you on the phone, do you have any idea who shot them?

Oh yes, Ma'am. I saw it all. A police lady was driving by and just up and shot them both. Lots of times, bang, bang, bang. Mama wasn't doing nothin' bad, she and the dog and the kids were playin' keep the ball and rasslin' some.

You poor dear. Are you sure you are okay? Is anyone there with you?

No Ma'am, I'm alone. I guess I'm alright but it is awful scary.

Now, ...

Just a minute, Ma'am. A sheriff just drove up. I think he will help until the ambulance gets there.

Do you ...

I sure hope he doesn't start shootin' at all of us! Eeeei!

Now, please, we will find out who it is. I am sure he will help ...

For the rest of this story, please go here: (La Marque police officer shoots woman link)

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Don't rain on my picnic -- MidWeek Blues -- Other good and bad

[large picture] [super size it]

But it did rain regardless of the perennial request for a cool sun shine type day for the annual 'Picnic in the Park' for our subdivision. These people were sitting behind us. Since we were drinking Diet Cokes when we came up there wasn't an offer of wine from them.

[large picture] [super size it]

This might look like baptizing in the pond but instead it is a 'soap-em-good slide' rigged up for the kids to have fun.

There was also face painting and other games for the kids. The adults talked.

It doesn't look like the rain bothered these guys, does it?

The Good!
[large picture] [super size it]

Baby KP was listening to one of PapaJ's jokes. Isn't she growing fast!

Do you think she believed me? Yes, I have to be careful, my grandkids believe every word I say. Once in a while I tell them I am joking.

We have had KP here since last night, she spent the night with us and all day today. Tonight we three will meet Billy for him to take her on home. She is a very pleasant baby. I think it runs in the family, I was nicknamed 'Smiley Jim' and 'Grinny' by my grandpa and and then the endearing (not) opposite of smiling in high school.

The Bad.............

[large picture] [super size it]

Saturday night I cut my hand. This doesn't look like a very big cut but I did go to the urgent care clinic at our health provider.

The doctor said I should have gone to the ER Saturday night as stitches would have been good for it. Since I didn't he put some of his magic skin glue in the crevice.

It is healing fairly nicely and the glue plug has come out. How did it happen? I was trying to catch a falling glass bowl from falling onto the floor. I stopped it between my hand and the dishwasher. The stop was okay but the dish broke into several pieces and one stabbed me in the finger joint.

We didn't know at the time, but our ER was in drive-by status Saturday night. It was overcrowded with flu patients. One of the reasons I didn't go then was because I didn't want to get sick by catching something from all of the 'sick persons.'

I was right.

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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo here. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did.
Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE, you don't have to write.

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