Friday, March 30, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 413-18 (for letter "M")

Happy Easter !!!

The 413th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year... 
The week's prompts
Starts with "M"; A Favorite; Middle; and Lagniappe

(A)  Starts with "M":  Mustang starts with "M".  I have two Mustangs, one is a Black 1998 Ford Mustang GT Convertible, now with 111,151 miles on it.  It was my retirement gift to me back in 2000 and already had 49K miles on it.  It belonged to a Little Old Younger Lady. 

My other is a Green 1974 Ford Mustang Ghia, now with 76K miles.  It had belonged to my mother until after she died (1999) and Dad also (2007). It was the first year that the Mustangs were downsized because of the International Fuel Shortage problem.

Ruby Rabbit here is wearing my Official Mustang hat that I was given when we previewed the 2005 Ford Mustangs, Mach I's, and Escapes.  I did a test track drive driving one of the Mustangs.  I think I made the Ford lady be a bit apprehensive about her safety.  She was riding in the back seat.

Ruby Rabbit is only borrowing my hat and KP has not seen her wearing it.  I'm sure she would be wanting to borrow the hat longer and I already lost my other one, it sort of belonged to Mrs. Jim.

I also have a collection of 1:16 scale model cars, three of them are Mustangs.
(B)  A FavoriteMaking and Mixing coffee are chore favorites with me.  Here below is the process we use in Mixing a half and half Mixture for us to drink at home.

The scale and knife are the only tools I use, the scale to keep it half of each kind and the knife to stir it around in the jar when I'm finished.

(C)  Middle:  One of my favorite songs is "Stuck in the Middle with You."

ST Lyrics,
(D)  Lagniappe Mercury LogoMercury is no more.  It is a brand that got killed as a part cure of our Great Depression of the early 2000's.  Mercury was the Ford line in the Middle of Ford and Lincoln.
Google Search, Lincoln Auto Logo  

I owned one Mercury, a 1950 Jimmy Dean Coupe decked out like this one.  My paint wasn't as shiny as this one but it was original.   

Picture from Classic Cars [dot] com Journal
( )
In January 2016 it was for sale, $26K+ asking.

These 1950 Mercury Hubcaps were for sale on eBay, sort of big bucks for used ones.  I KEPT one of my hubcaps and still have it.  Dad traded his 1951 Ford Tudor with 100,000 miles on it to me for the Mercury.  He would sell it to a hot rodder who wouldn't be using these hubcaps anyway.

Four 1950 model cars have blessed my garage, my first car was a 1950 Studebaker Star Light Opera Coupe.  Then this one, the Mercury, that I traded my 1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible for (my Army pay was less than my car payment).  Later in life I have owned two 1950 Ford Deluxe Tudors.

To see a list of the 32 cars I have owned, click here.  It's the bottom part of the post, a long post.

If you are worried about this being my 413th Alphabet post, you can stop.  It is the 13th of this series.  I am not superstitious but you may be.  So there won't be a 13th post for me, I added 400.
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