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The Letter "C" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The 29th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...(THE THIRD LETTER FOR THIS SERIES)
- the Letter "C" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "C"; (B) A Favorite; (C) "C" for Calm (Tom's choice); and (D) Reflection(s). 

(A) Starts with the Letter "C":  Cantaloupes starts with the Letter "C".  Our third picture of KP doing the Letter "C" in the song, "YMCA", Body Format.  We were in Sprouts of Katy, Texas (our Houston Suburb).  KP is our youngest granddaughter

She had her 10th Birthday Wednesday, tonight she is finishing up her celebration with a sleep-in party with a few other of her friend girls.

1937 Ford Deluxe Cabriolet.  Another of my Toy Cars.  My dad bought me a low mileage 1937 Ford Tudor car owned by a LOL (Little Old Lady) to drive to my last two years of High School.  But he traded it in for a 1949 Ford Pickup before school started because he thought it would be safer having hydraulic brakes.

This newspaper article called their 1936 a Cabriolet, actually it was a Coupe Convertible.  I have about 35 of these Cast  Iron Toy Cars and Tractors.  Most all are 1:16 scale.  The doors open, hoods and deck lids open, and the steering wheel steers the front tires on must.
 _ _ _ _ 

(B) A FavoriteWe were having a Corn Dog Friday Lunch.  Guess which of us, Mrs. Jim, KP, or Me, had two Corn Dogs?  Who had two cups of milk.  Did any of us adults have two cups of Diet Coke?
Answers: (highlight the space below to read the answers) 

[large picture] [super size]
Calming, A Highway Sign that
I Found on the Roads of Ireland©Jimmiehov 2007 
(C) "C" for Calm (Tom's choice): We need signs like that for our Freeways.
Regents Park, London, U.K., ©Jimmiehov 2016
(D) Reflection(s):  Count the birds here at Regent's Park to do a little Calming.  They seem to be Contented & Calm.

(E) As promised HERE last week, my life time "Car List":

Here are the cars in my life--listed in order of purchase: [should I blog on this as part of my memoirs?]
My TOY 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coup was posted here last week.

  1. 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coup (formerly owned by my High School Principal). 
  2. 1952 Ford Tudor, I hopped it up very heavily before I sold it.  It would outrun and 55 and 56 Chevys.
  3. 1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible (new)
  4. 1941 Chevy Two-door
  5. 1950 (Jimmy Dean) Mercury Two-door Coupe (ditched the '41 and '56 when I went into the Army)
  6. 1951 Ford Tudor--a present from Dad while I was still in the Army, it was the folk's family car and had rolled over 100,000 miles.
  7. 1960 Rambler Two-door Custom station wagon
  8. 1950 Ford Tudor
  9. 1962 VW Bug--a work car
  10. 1956 Ford Customline Fordor-hardtop
  11. 1968 Ford station wagon (new)
  12. 1969 Ford Thunderbird***
  13. 1971 Honda CB450 motorcycle
  14. 1972 Ford Pinto***
  15. 1976 Ford Granada Tudor Coupe***
  16. 1976 Ford Granada Fordor
  17. 1972 Datsun pickup
  18. 1976 Chrysler Cordoba (picture link)
  19. 1977 Plymouth Volare station wagon
  20. 1982 Olds Cutlass Supreme two-door
  21. 1975 Datsun pickup
  22. 1986 Olds 88 four-door
  23. 1988 Olds 88 four-door
  24. 1987 Chevy S-10 pickup
  25. 1992 Cadillac DeVille
  26. 1974 Mustang II Ghia (Mom's car after she died) (still owned)
  27. 1999 Cadillac DeVille
  28. 1999 Easy-Go Golf Car (new)
  29. 1998 Mustang GT Convertible (still owned)
  30. 1950 Ford Tudor (sold August, 2015)
  31. 2006 Cadillac DTS
  32. 2011 Cadillac DTS (still owned)
These are about in the order they were purchased. Most were pretty good cars, I just always get used cars, buying them mostly from individuals, LOLs (little old ladies) preferred

The fine print
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 - I am also linked this week with James at Weekend Reflections, my Reflections Photo.

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