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Letter "C" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The third issue this week of my 2021 WEEKEND ROUNDUP postings and ... (THE THIRD LETTER FOR THIS SERIES) - the Letter "C" Prompts are: (A) Starts with the Letter "C"; (B) "Colorful" (Tom's Choice); (C) A Favorite; (D) Reflections; and (E) A Lagniappe. 
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The Cat In The Window

[click on picture for full screen photo]
(from an earlier post, April 6, 2007 - 
(A) Starts with the Letter "C":   Cat begins with the letter "C".  This is Amber, our cat sat kitty, we sat with Amber while she and family were in London five years with her work.


(B) "Colorful" (Tom's Choice):   This is our Colorfully decorated golf cart for a 4th of July parade with Mrs. Jim, Adi, and our new college graduate.  She received her Bachelor and Master degrees in Math, and SHE HAS A JOB, using her specialty,  "Statistics".   She taught college Statistics as a professors assistant her junior and senior years and then also as a graduate student teacher.  (Parades)

(C) A Favorite:  As soon as our Boarded Cat came, she decided that our Beagle Dog had a much nicer bed than she.  Adi wouldn't give in to her though, so Adi and Amber shared Adi's bed for her stay's duration (4 1/2 years until she died of old age, 18 years).
(For more Amber blog appearances on my blog, please click here.) 

(D) Reflections:  Now this sister Alley Cat decided to sit out the rain from her perch here, looking down a side street from her dry archway.  She wasn't wild at all as the Alley Cat looked in my top picture.
Instead she is a friendly cat who makes her fur shiny and her stomach round by begging food off the street and from the people eating at the outside cafes down the street from our hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia (picture 1) (picture2). (original post with sister's cat).

Houston Ten Day Forecast, courtesy of Houston TV Channel 2

(E) A Lagniappe:  Above, a part of our pretty downtown scene and today's forecast courtesy of Houston NBC Channel 2.  
On the right this morning's view from our bedroom windows. (Note, window needs a cleaning.)
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Bonus Questions:

(1)   Tell a bit about your experience or feelings about parades?   When our grandkids were still kids they loved to go with us to a parade.  Sometimes we were in the parade, several times as adults, once driving the Mustang top down to carry a retired marine.  Also unusual I took the younger grandson to an Art Car Parade back when the Art Car Parade had just coming into existence.  Most times it was the Houston Thanksgiving parade or the local 4th of July parade.  

(2) What is your favorite Word starting with  "C"?   Mine today will be "Car" , I have had many in my life, list here to click.  I also have about 40 toy cars, most scale model cast iron cars. 

(3) Anything else you were reminded of here that you  would like to tell about? 

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